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  • kguenther001

    Ok fellow MS people... who has used massage therapy and does it seem to help? The weather is chaging back to down right cold here in Indiana and I am so stiff and my whole body hurts. I was thinking about doing a massage but I am a little scared. Any thoughts??

  • maria1

    K, For me masage is wonderful. Regular back massages and myofascial release(pressurepoint tension to release very very tight muscles). If you choose massage arrange it at a time when after you can rest alot, like a weekend off to do nothing. It releases so much tension that those muscles are exhausted, and you will have a very good sleep.

  • huebie

    Because I live in China, i can afford to have 3 massages a week and I'm really glad to do that. We've designed a massage to keep my joints limber and my caregivers can really see the difference in how easily I change position. I encourage you to do anything which helps you to stretch and stay limber.

  • pattys86

    I have used massage but I don't personally enjoy it very much.  I find much more enjoyment from facials that use aromatherapy.  So, it you enjoy massage then I would do it.  Anything that provides you relaxation and comfort is always good.  It will be your personal preference for what works.  I used to love pedicures- but my feet can't handle the touch and rubbing anymore.  I jerk and jump involuntarily with pedicures.  If I am going to get a pedicure now- I must load up on neurotin to tolerate. changes and its a matter of rolling with life and learning new joys and comforts.

  • looneybiz

    I have found massage therepy to be very helpful. Because of my constant walking problems (balance correcting, limping, sometimes falling) my leg muscles and back muscles get all messed up and end up hard as bricks.

    The thing is, relaxation massages "feel good" for the moment, but don't really help all that much overall. The only thing that helps me is deep tissue massage which does not feel good when your having it, but helps you for weeks afterwards.

  • kguenther001

    Thanks everyone for the input. I went a tried a full body massage and it felt amazing, I think after is the best I have slept in the longest time. I think this might have to be a new weekly thing.

  • Avatar
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