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  • maryadelma
    Hi, anyone know if there is anyplace that will help with the cost of a manual wheelchair?  I have Medicaid and it does not cover medical equipment.  

  • maria1
    Please call the National MS Society. The have a data base of information about assistive devices and resources available. 
  • briannakelly
    You should definitely call the ms society they should be able to guide you in the right direction and may be able to help with the cost too. Have you talked to the insurance company about it? They may have some criteria you have to meet to be eligible for coverage.
  • briannakelly
    Also, you can sometimes find used wheelchairs at thrift shops
  • MS_Navigator_Ashley

    Hi Maryadelma,

    As the others who have posted a reply suggested, please call the National MS Society's Information Resource Center at 1-800-344-4867 to speak with one of our MS Navigators regarding assistance in getting medical equipment that your insurance will not cover.  We are open Monday-Friday from 7am to 5pm Mountain time. 

    MS Navigator Ashley

  • seclorum
    Also, it may not be applicable to your situation, but my hospital was very supportive in giving links to online resorces and physical locations to get 2nd hand equipment on the cheap.
  • maryadelma
    Thanks to everyone for their help.  I will be following up on your suggestions!
  • jenjen67
    Medicaid pays for wheelchairs. I have a $9,000 electric chair paid by Medicaid.