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  • greenbeansaves
    Just last month I ended my 5 year journey to publish My Best Day Journal.  I am sharing because I can't believe the response that I am getting from doctors and hospitals and I think that perhaps this journal needs shared with others living like I am. My friends, and family and those of you with Chronic Illnesses. I have already scheduled 2 speaking events here in Northern Maine, but if you read this and would like to set something up for me to come speak in your area, we may be able to work something out. There is so much power in finding patterns in your every day life and making changes in your medical care accordingly!

    I know that every one of the neurologists that I visited told me to keep a journal for my symtoms. Keep a journal for my medications, for my food, for my exercise. What to write down though!!!! Everything, every little thing? Even if you do not buy my book, please consider beginning to journal for your medical conditions. I promise you will start to find patterns. Simple ones that may surprise you. 

    Some of the most obvious ones that suprised the heck out of me where that if I woke up before 9:00am I had a really hard time during the day. This made absolutly no sense to me and I could find no logical reason to it, but there it was in black and white on the paper. Up before 9 and I was miserable. Sleep till 9:15 or 9:30 and I was perfectly functional, or well as functional as I could manage. Another suprise was that I had a friend that I often hung around with and suprisingly the next day I was all bummed out. EVERY TIME! It wasn't that she was a bad person, it was just that she was a shockingly negative person. If I limited my time with her to less then 3 hours, the next day was just fine. 

    All to often we just live life and forget about the little things. My book "My Best Day Journal" asks you to take 5-10 minutes at the end of your day and fill in a few circles, answer a few questions, then at the end of the month you fill in a chart and look for some patterns. I have created a coupon code for my website that will take 10% off of your purchase on my page 
    GNWVRJ7N for the first 100 books purchased. I hope that the 5 years I took to develope this journal using my lived experience with 4 chronic illnesses can benefit others.

    My website:

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