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  • grobles049

    Diagnosed about 4 and a half months ago being 25 years old i have found it more tough going out with my friends at time because i dont want to put myself in a sitaution where i feel like i should drink. Ive read about alcohol and MS online and as expected most reccomend to drink in moderation. I didnt really drink too aften before (not nearly as much as in college) but there were times i would definitley drink more than i probably should have as almost everyone in their 20's does. Since my diagnosis i have not had more than 1 drink at a time because Im too afraid of what negative affects it will have. I dont want the thoughts or not being able to have a good without alcohol control me from doing things like going to vegas/cacun or just even out to the bars or night clubs. 
    Doesnt mean i necesarily want to drink excessive all of the time but i just want to hear peoples feedback on what their experiences with alcohol and MS. 

    Thank you for feedback!
  • maymay25
    I totally understand how you feel. I was diagnosed officially last year January however was having severe symptoms 18months prior to diagnosis. Regardless of having Ms too much alcohol consumption is bad. However it doesn't mean you can't drink. For example I was out last night and had a cheeky drink or three lol. I guess what I'm trying to say is know your limits with this horrible disease we have to take extra care of ourselves. So it's good that you've limited yourself keep it up!!! Hope this helped 
  • maria1
    Sometimes after being out with friends and having a drink or two, hours later I would feel weird disequillibrium and I could not tell if it was ms, alcohol or some other malady. And it would last. It was a long lasting yuck. Now when someone says take a sip I refuse, and when they are insistent I tell them that all it does is give me indigestion when mixed with all the other drugs I take, even a small sip.
  • Mander
    Continue to take it slow.  I'm in the same boat as you and birthday parties, weddings, nights out with the gang all add up. Personally, I have been able to find my happy medium. I also know first hand the consequences if I go overboard.  For me, I know that I will be completely burned out and weak for at least day or two.  I have learned to save my drinking for special occasions and have given up going to the bar after work with coworkers. I knew I didn't have to give up the socializing aspect of going to the bar, but there's temptation and peer pressure. Hearing  "Just one"  from someone who doesn't understand you've been faking your smile for the past 11 hours at work can be difficult.  Listen to your body. 
  • kierstenrichards
    Hi. I am glad someone else has brought this up because I too was curious. I was recently diagnosed in October about a week and half before by 24th birthday. In college, I did drink heavily (as many tend to do) and do have friends who still like to partake in heavy drinking on the weekends. Before my diagnosis I didn't pay too much attention to my drinking habits. After  college the amount and frequency of my drinking decresed greatly. I do notice and tend to think that alcohol does effect me in more (negative) ways than it used to and I believe it is associated with the MS. Sometimes after just one or two drinks my hands and feet will start to tingle. I recently have had issues with the nerves in my face and will notice twitching in my eye, nose and upper lip. This realy bothers me and causes my anxiety to heigthen which in turn makes the symptoms worse. I also notice that I will have worse symptoms the day after whether I am hungover or not. Drinking definitely heightens my anxiety in which I believe effects my symptoms overall. Although, before MS, I had never experienced anxiety and feel almost anything will trigger me to feel anxious. I am still new to MS, being diagnosed only a few months ago so I am still trying to learn more about how things will effect me and how to deal with them. At a young age, I do not want to cut out alcohol competely because I do enjoy to go out  for drinks and have fun with my friends but I am just not sure if it's a good idea to drink very much anymore. While I know excessive drinking is never good, I did not think I would have to cut it out of my lifestlye completely. I did ask my doctor about alcohol consumpotion when first being diagnosed and she did not say I needed to make severe lifestyle changes but like any doctor would say, mentioned that excessive alcohol consumption or binge drinking is never good. Also, I did notice the last time I drank, the next day my symptoms seemed to act up more than usual. My arms began to feel very tight and my hands very getting numb and tingly. My legs felt very heavy and it made walking a little difficult, but not impossible. This of course gave me a lot of anxiety. I was able to finally relax and sleep it off. After sleeping I did feel better but I am not sure if it was due to the alcohol consumption the night prior, or if my symptoms were beginning to relapse. Again, as I mentioned before I am still pretty new to all of this so any feedback woud be greatly appreicated. (Sorry if I began to rant, it's easy for my mind to race about any MS related issues I have as I try to wrap my thoguhts around all of this). Thanks!