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  • joesiok
    Here's the question: do you do anything on a day-to-day basis to raise awareness that you are connected to MS?  

    Specifically I am asking about wearing an orange wristband from MS, hat, pin, t-shirt, etc.  I hate things on my wrist (haven't worn a watch in a very long time), but feel I should be doing more to raise awareness.  

    Why?  If people notice that you have a connection, many times that will spark a conversation that otherwise would have never happened.  You may end up with a donor, teammate, or some type of MS connection that you would not have had it you weren't in some way identified with MS.

    Curious what others do...
  • maria1
    Being homebound limits me to sharing posts about ms on facebook with my friends and others.
  • Avatar
    You can help guarantee that more individuals comprehend what existence with MS can resemble, and Coursework Help Service draw in more individuals to make a move. When we associate with each other, we end up noticeably more grounded than MS we make achievements that we couldn't do alone.
  • Avatar
    Living in a relation with MS, I truly don't know if I'd go with the food additives, etc. If that was the case, the majority of the country would have these diseases on top. I am surprised that people still are unaware of this. I think the best option for Ms Awareness physician and Dissertation Proposal work with people with a diversity of autoimmune diseases and have seen deep transformations by altering diet and other lifestyle issues.