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  • Stacy10
      I have been having a lot of trouble with appetite. Nothing is appealing. I make myself eat because I know I have to, but it's a chore. Anyone else have this problem?
  • lveglatte
    YES, all the time. I am very small & weigh about 95 lbs, so I can't afford not to eat. Sometimes, small meals are easier to get down. Also, I rely a lot on protein smoothies. I try to keep Ensure in the house too. Usually, I am more thirsty than hungry. 
  • beaurylancambria
    Yes! I snack way more than I eat. Seeing a plate full of food is overwhelming. Another issue is chewing, it wears me out. It sounds crazy, but its true. I have lost 40 pounds since being diagnosed.
  • robertjon
    Well I can relate to "it's a chore."  The fact is I have some appetite and some things are appealing, but with my dentures, some food is simply unfriendly for me to eat. My biggest food problem is feeling a lack of ambition, motivation and energy to prepare food. I look like I'm plain lazy. I use to enjoy cooking and consider myself a good cook. Presently, my breakfast consists of instant oatmeal in the microwave for two minutes. Lunch/dinner a can of soup in the microwave for two minutes. Not very good! I've been holding my weight. I'm 5-6.5 and 125 lbs. I really have problems motivating myself to do anything, yet it's not like I'm on the pity pot-poor me. Maybe I need a swift kick to get with the program, or better food choices for a heathy daily intake. Sorry my input isn't so possitive, yes I have eating good food problems. I wish you well, Jon 
  • Avatar
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