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  • beaurylancambria
    In my medicine cabinet there is ibuprofen and neosporin for serious injuries. LOL. My mother in law has told me about Australian Dream many times. I kept telling her pain from MS was different and it wouldnt work. Last week she brought me some. I thought what a waste, but whatever. One night my legs were killing me. The numb, burning heavy feeling. My husband said " Just try it ". I put it on both legs and very quickly I noticed a difference. My legs felt relaxed. I still wasnt sold. Last night I was trying to take my hoodie off. My arms hurt so bad I was having a hard time. They felt like I was doing the flex arm hang. I applied the cream and again within minutes they relaxed. It is available at several places but Walmart has the best price. I am not a paid spokesperson and although I have only used it twice, I am quickly becoming a believer. There are two kinds. back pain and arthritis pain. I have tried the back pain. I just thought I would put this out there. The best part is it doesnt stink!
  • maria1
    Does it have lidocaine in it?