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  • kikomon
    ...some days I don't, but today I feel like the luckiest person to have MS.  Since my DX almost a year ago, I have a different outlook on life,  I have a whole new tolerance for other people's way of life and have stopped judging people so much.  I'll admit before MS I probably wasn't the most patient or tolerant person.  I thought I was, but lets face it - I wasn't.  

    Today at work there was a situation that made me pause and realize how narrow-minded some people are.  How dare they think that someone is "like a box of rocks" without really knowing them at all.  All of MS symptoms are invisble.  If I havn't told you, you wouldnt know I have MS.  For my co-worker to label someone so quickly really upset me.  

    Thats why I think I am lucky to have MS.  As tough as it may be, I think it has made me a better person.  My daughter and son will be better for it.  We won't be so quick to judge.  Instead, we will think "wait, there might be something more to that person than they might lead on, so lets get to know them first."     

    My family and I try to embrace MS and find ways to have it enhance our lives.  Don't get me wrong, some days I hate this freak'n disease, but if the worst thing that happened to me today is a rude customer then so be it.  I'm okay with that.  Maybe they're having a bad day, dealing with something invisible like me.  If the worst thing that happened today is my dog pottied on the on the carpet, then so be it.  I'll take that beacuse I could have worse days.  

    I really do believe that in some wierd way...we're all better off because we have MS.  Perhaps thats the toughest part of having MS is finding that special purpose every single day... 
  • ypuckett
    That's a great way to look at things.  Thanks for the reminder!
  • walker123456
    Well said. MS diagnosis is very humbling. And I feel motivated to edit some old baggage from my life. And focus on things I've put off or neglected and it's taken me out of isolation and pushed me to share my diagnosis and let people support me.

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