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  • ash1989
    Hey everyone I am new to this! I got diagnosed with MS about 3 years ago. I have been taking tecfidera. I just met with my neurologist and he told me that I need to switch to a different medication. My lymphocytes have not stabilized with this med. Anyways I told him that I am planning on getting married and wanting to start a family in the next year or two. He told me that the IV medication are out. I left feeling hopeless and without answers. He told me that I will have to go with injections like avenex or copaxone. I am nervous with these medications because he told me they don't work as well! Honestly I don't know what to do! Suggestions or any input would be helpful? Thanks
  • MS_Navigator_Steph
    Hello ash1989,

    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! Here is a link to our brochure, The MS Disease-Modifying Medications. I hope it will provide you with some information to get started on making your choice about your next medication.

    None of the disease-modifying medications are approved for use during pregnancy so I encourage you to continue discussions with your doctors about when you plan on trying to become pregnant. Here is a link to more information about pregnancy and MS.

    MS Navigator Stephanie

  • kimberlyj82
    Ok this may be widely unpopular and I am saying this as a mom of two.  I had my two girls before I was diagnosed with MS.  Even though we don’t completely know what causes MS I have terrible anxiety that I somehow will pass this on to my children through my genes. Have you thought what it would be like to may adopt a child?
    Best wishes to you hopeful little mama,
  • nickittenpierre
    Change the medicines can be good decision .... but after doctor's advice. Because medicines effected to the direct human body ....

  • radarsmom
    Hi. Ok, so I don't want children and can't possibly understand how difficult this choice can be for you, but I have done a lot of reading on these meds and I don't see anything anywhere that says Copaxone is less effective. Every med in every body will work differently. I took Copaxone and within 3 weeks I noticed an amazing change. I had energy and felt like my normal self for the first time in years. I stopped it after 1 1/2 years because the schedule of it plus the site reactions were interfering with my life. I'm trying to switch to Tec now. One thing I do know is you don't want your blood counts off especially if you want to get pregnant because if your bloods counts are off it can leave you open to severe infections. Talk with your doc, do your own research, and follow your gut. I've never made a bad decision when I followed my gut. When I ignored it, that's a whole other story. Good luck! I'll say a prayer that you get what you need.
  • jsperlakis
    I have gone through most of the ms meds. The Techfidera, as my Dr explained, needs over 6-8 months to really get into the system. I only used it for 6 months but because of a severe infection I had to stop. Aubaggio wasn't helping either. Originally, I started on Avonex but like 48% of the users I had severe flu symptoms.The severe chills for 2 days after the injection was just too much. I thought Copaxone was helping out but after 4 years it really wasn't slowing my progressive ms. Get on an injection type ASAP. Do your research and don't make the mistake I did assuming all neurologist are ms educated.