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  • KrissyD
    Hi, my mom is taking my sister, brother and myself to Hawaii. My mom has dementia and wants to go while she can. My sister is renting a wheelchair for my mom and myself and I don't feel so good about that. She says we will be able to see twice as much as I also have arthritis in my feet and tend to walk slow. Please help me change my mind set about this...
  • Jerrie
    You don't say how much your MS affects you, but in my experience having a wheelchair makes travel so much easier for you! Oh yeah, and the folks around you. It gives you freedom in airports, it makes exploring a lot more fun and means that you can sit when you are tired. I tend to push mine until my legs get tired and then sit and wheel. If I was going to Hawaii, I would use the chair to get through the transit parts of the trip and save my energy for walking on the beach. Traveling is so much fun and doing stuff to make your life easier is smart. Everybody has wheels on their luggage now for the same reason.
    See if you can find quick release wheels - it makes it a lot easier to use cabs and store the chair.
  • maria1
    I hope it is a motorized chair, it will help thwart the fatigue. Besides it is there if you need it, and people will then gett he idea that some things are a bit difficult for you and will show you some kindness, which will also make things a bit easier, and you can pile all those trinkets you buy onto you lap instead of having to carry them. Holidays should be easy. Besides, you can then keep up with your healthier family instead of slowing them down, it is their holiday too.
  • bubbadog66
    Totally relate to experiencing the selfish pride my ego can bring me down Maria said it is your family's vacation as well. Not ALL about YOU eventhough it is all about you. Vacation with the chair availble will create better, good memories than disfunctional challenging ones for all those involved in your journey. One unpredictable moment at a time, right!? Be responsible, it is your part of creating and being apart of everyone's memories of HI, not just yours. The chair is the easier softer way, leave the cross Sounds like a fun trip!