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  • blondiemiller
    Hi there!
    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on boosting my weak immune system. I get sick so often and honestly it's just exhausting. If there is a person around me and they are sick I get it; my kids come home with a bug- I get it and so on. It's just aweful. Illness is already starting early here in Colorado so I'm trying to be proactive.  I know that hydration and good sleep are a part of it and I already do the best I can with those! Help!? Thanks in advance:)
  • jeannef1
    I was told to take a probiotic and eat greek yogurt everyday. I also eat half an apple with the yogurt.
  • MS_Navigators

    Hi Blondimiller, I checked the information we have available on the National MS Society website and we do not have specific recommendations on boosting immune function.  I would suggest speaking with your doctor for suggestions of what might work for your specific situation as what works for one does not for another.  I hope you find a trick that works for your this flu/cold season! 

    MS Navigator Ashley

  • maria1
    Hi Blondie,  Probiotics are great for eliminating waste from the system, there are many varieties and those with at least four choices seem to work well, plenty of water helps move stuff faster too and prevents urinary infections. A multi B vitamin twice a month was suggested by the doc besides the 5000 units of D3, alpha lipoic acid, some vit E. Sunshine helps too. 

    ​When my partner  brings home germs I drink plenty of water and eat lite. Eating lite helps my body not get stressed by having to function and burn food into fuel. Warm lemon water also aids the body, as does apple cider vinegar. Garlic and onions along with celery are good supplements too.

    ​If you have to go on an antibiotic, remember, they kill everything in the gut, good and bad bacteria alike so probiotics will put the good gut bacteria back. Greek yougurt has no sugar added so yes it is a great source of good bacteria. Pickling your own vegetables are good choices since they are not homogonized.