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  • butters88

    I've been living with Fibro since 2003 which initially began in 2001.
    I'm now experiencing many symptoms similar to MS.  I saw a neurologist and am planning on having an MRI of my brain this month.  The Dr. was reluctant to say she even suspected it's MS. In fact she said her suspicions were low.  How can a person be crestfallen by that; I was.  She thinks it might be neuropothy related to my Fibro.  How much does one push to get a definitive answer?  From all I've read it's so hard to diagnose this disease.  That said, when does one accept it for what it is when it isn't MS? When do you decide "it is what it is". Does that even make sense?  For more information on my journey here, I've posted on Possible/Newly Diagnosed thread, too.

    Thank you


  • maria1
    butters, do you spend much time in the car? I have fibro & ms and sitting in the car is the worst. Sometimes we believe what someone says but when it is truth a light inside our head lights up and we know it is fact, then we can deal with it. Sometimes it is more than one thing and extensive research until we get some relief is all we do, or when we have exhausted all the posssibilities we can think of then we try to find the best way to give ourselves some relief. Some days we reach limits then the next day a new alternative approaches and we begin our search abew. Most of the time we pay attention to our bodies to see what we are doing that works and doesnt then, even then we forget and make the same mistakes. Welcome.
  • butters88
    Thank you for your response.  I commute about 20 miles to work; I work fulltime.  Some days depending on traffic it can take 20 minutes or an hour.  I don't have a problem with that, but long trips I try to avoid. My max is about 2.5 hours before it starts to wear on me.  I need to accept whatever it is and go with what the Dr. thinks is best. 
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi butters88,

    MS can be difficult to diagnose, sure.  But, the diagnosis of MS is based on clinical evidence, and that can be obtained by the testing you've requested.  MS or not- you want answers, there's nothing wrong with that.  Keep us updated on how things go!

    MS Navigator Jess