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  • mumwithms
    Hello, I'm writing this on behalf of my mum. She's recently diagnosed with MS and too be frank the whole situation is a rather large joke although we aren't finding it funny. She's receiving no help and support. The doctors currently are failing my mum, massively. She's worked in schools for the past 15 years and most of those years where spent restraining rather large boys/men with autism and disabilities so her body has taken rather a beating over the years. In wondering if there is any support this community can offer in the way of things we can be doing too make my mum's life easier I offer all the support I can but I'm uneducated on MS (I'm trying too be!!) Vitamins, massages, excersise, diets etc anything would be appreciated that we can be doing. I'm sorry if this seems silly, I'm watching my mum deteriorate and I'm watching her become sadder everyday I want too something too start making her feel better. I appreciate any responses and any help on steps we should be taking and things too avoid. Thank you so much, love and best wishes too you xx
  • bubbadog66
    I have MS and know from experience that continuing to show her your unconditional love is huge. I know MY MS yields feelings of anxiousdepression, hopelessness, frustration and all these negative hurtful emotions to an extreme level of being overwhelmed. My family has decided that MY MS is "inconvenient" to them so it's out of sight out of mind i go....purely the most heartbreaking part of my MS. Makes the loneliness most intense!! Just being there for her and having an interest in learning about the disease right along with her will be a HUGE help to her. There are many informative tidbits out there about this MS thing...knowledge is power, for both you and her. No better way to help than to learn all about this together....will make the sadness she feels way less intense knowing she is not alone in this and her family, most precious loved ones, genuinely care about her through action, not just "meaningless" talk about loving her. I hope this makes sense and is helpful because in MY world my family are but ignorant dead bodies i walk over so to speak because they choose not to make the time out of their busy lives to truly learn what MS is all about...let's deny it exists and it will go away attitudes hurt the most as i'm abandoned and left utterly alone to fend for myself.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi there!

    You are more than welcome to give us a call- a new diagnosis of MS can be scary and overwhelming to the entire family.  The disease itself is so mysterious and unpredictable, but we are definitely here to offer information and support.

    You may want to check out this section of our website specifically designed for people with a new diagnosis:  Newly Diagnosed

    To speak with a Navigator, call us at 1 800 344 4867.

    MS Navigator Jess