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  • Stacy10
      I just completed my 3rd week of going to the gym 4x/wk. I'm stunned at how much better I'm feeling in such a short time. I'm pushing ahead further and this is where I could use some input.
      I started looking at the Whole30 program. For those of you unfamiliar, it's a plan that restricts what you eat to basic foods for 30 days, then you slowly add foods back in to see what you're reacting to. As I was looking at it, I realized it's not far off from the Wahls Protocol and Paleo. So I figure as long as I'm doing the Whole30, I mine as well go further and try the Wahls plan. I figure if it does nothing, I'm no worse off. But the possibility I could feel better is tantalizing.
      My question is: Has anyone tried the Wahls Protocol and what was your experience? 

  • MS_Navigators
    I'm so glad that you're feeling so much better just from going to the gym!  I can't provide experiences with the Wahls protocol, but I thought I would share some of the National MS Society's information on this and other diets in case you find it helpful.  

    We have a link on our website for Terry Wahls' book - her website may have good information for you too:
    A recent research review paper by Pavan Bhargava, MD, provides information and current evidence for each of the most popular diets:

    General information:
  • Dav3o
    Hey Stacy, I am a Wahls "warrior". I first went full AIP (auto immune protocol) and then went Wahls. I have lost a lot of weight, and hope it's adding to general better feeling (hard to know for sure), but I think its a good life style change for me. For a good year or 2 I was 100% strict on the pase 3 of the wahls, but unfortunately for me it didn't stop disease progress 8-(. But I view it as just general health, and thats why i stick with it. I also 100% believe the nutrition value, and help of your midocondria. The only thing I had to learn was to not be obbsessive about it, as it will turn your relationship with food pretty bad, as to stay 100% it's very hard to eat out, enjoy food with firends / family etc.. so I am now mostly on it, but will go out and eat at resturants occasionaly, or at friends house without enforcing my restrictions. 

    Just work up to it, as it does require a lot of time for food prep and cooking. My biggest tips for sustaining:

    Get after the smothies. It's a great way to crush out the veg requirements. 4 cups greens, 1 cup berries, and some coconut milk. Doesn't tast great, though i like it now, is awesome way to crush out veggies.

    I typically roast a big batch of vegitables to eat through out the week. Mix them up, beats, etc.. and roast them. That way daily dinner is down to just cooking the meat. 

    I use Paleo reciepies heavily, as they are typically very close to Wahl's ok

    I really try to do meats over coliflower rice, spegetti squash, salads, etc.. things like that so you can get all you sulfars and vegie requirements in with the meal. Eating 7-9 cups a vegies a day is a challenge.

    Hope it helps and good luck, it isn't a easy task, and habits are hard to break.
  • broganrandall
    Hello Stacy10 nice to be a part of your blog I have never tried Wahls Protocol so far. When ever I need health plan I visit Ryan and he give me the best advice. I highly recommend him to any one, you must try it dear.
  • broganrandall
    I feel that dieting has become an integral part of our healthy lifestyle. I've known Sarah Carterfor a while now and her dieting strategy has been pretty successful and helpful. I personally have been just so impressed with it.

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