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  • aleta-whitehead

    ​Has anyone been affected by bipolar and MS?  If so how are you dealing and or coping?

    I am trying to deal with both without any help really due to leaving my job and the stress of people not understanding. They automatically say stop playing the victim. Its annoying and ive basically given up on alot. any helpful tools would be great.
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    I'm recently seeking help from a lady mental health therapist for depression and I will meet with her soon for the first time so I am hoping it will help. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in late July of this year after a brain MRI came back showing lots of MS lesions and a spinal tap came back positive for high amounts of elevated protein 'o' bands. Depression in various forms has always affected me since as far back as I can remember. My neurologist claims due to the amount of lesions and high amounts of 'o' bands revealed in my spinal tap results, that it seems I have had MS for a while. I think there is a connection between depression and MS for sure. I can tell you so far, no depression medication has helped me but I am open to trying another medication. My MS medication is Tecfidera which is a pill I take twice daily. I also have tremendous insomnia and I take Zolpidem (generic for Ambien) but most nights it still takes me like 3 hours at least to fall asleep if I sleep at all. I also have ADHD (at one point was on adderall for it) and anxiety disorder.

    I would suggest you seek help from a mental health therapist in your area. Also google for any MS type support groups in your area or call the National MS Society 1-800-344-4867, I have called and they're very nice and have answered questions for me and sent me information. They can hopefully give you guidance and send you links to an MS support center, group or therapist in your area. Also if you're feeling so down you may hurt yourself you can call the crisis line 1-800-273-8255 also there's a website you may know of already Don't forget too that there are members of this site always here for your support. If you wanna connect with me and chat, feel free to.
  • aleta-whitehead
    Sorry I'm so late responding...I totally forgot I had posted lol sorry. I actually was working with a psychiatrist. I think at that point I had been seeing her for about 4 months. I was on lithium first but the taste of metal was horrible. Then I was put on another pill that made me gain weight. I stopped that and there after I believe I had a full blown panic attack and nervous break down. And I literally grabbed my purse and left my job. My job contributed tremendously to my breakdown. I lost all benefits of a job. Insurance more importantly. With that being said since this original post things are a smidge better. Thank you so much . you have definitely help.
  • maria1
    hi Aleta, under treating ms there is a post called, Take Charge of My MS. It has information about changing thinking that may be of some help, along with relaxation techniques.

    ​I am not bipolar but did need to change my thought patterns. It took me years to learn that I had the right to be happy and make myself happy and that no one would do it for me, so I had to choose to make myself happy. Now all I do is spend my time making myself happy, me first, then others get to benefit from that. I made my goal in life - I want to be happy,. I dont mean giddy all the time, I want to feel good about myself so everything I do has that goal in mind. 

    ​I know if I do everything to make me feel good about me, others will feel good too, about me(and if they dont too bad for them, I dont need them in my life). For me, life is about doing my best all the time, what is best for me(not selfish, but healthy). But I am a little bit older than you are, it took me years to learn that I have to live with me and only me, I have to wake up with me every day, so i have to look in the mirror and like what i see, Yeah, I dont like that i am fat or old but I am taking really good care of me, I am responsible for me, for my well being. 

    ​If you take responsibility for yourself everything else will fall into place, yeah, stuff happens - all the time but staying focused on being responsibile for your own life, that no one will take care of you, you will have an easier time of it. It is not oyur job to take care of anybody else(if you have kids or a spouse your job is to allow them to find the tools to take care of themselves) and if you take care of you, they will learn by example. Even when the other side of you says no.
  • aleta-whitehead
    Hi!!! Thank you so much. This had me in tears not because it made me sad. I am definitely working taking care of myself these days mentally. I could give you the run down of the unfortunate events that have taken place. But I'd rather just move forward of course. This is truly my life and I know I am the only one who can make it better for myself. This journey us def painful and one if the hardest things ever but totally worth it. Changing thought pattern= law of attraction. Good stuff thank you!
  • bubbadog66
    Where are YOUR feet at this very moment!!?? you live your one unpredictable moments at a time daily.

    What TODAY can you change to preceed forward with baby steps as life with MS has "slowed" you down with physical and mental challenges?

    Everyday is a second chance....what are you grateful for TODAY? Is the glass half full or half empty? What can YOU still do?...what do you still have?! Acceptance is key for serenity.
  • aleta-whitehead
    I was indeed diagnosed with bipolar...I went to 3 doctors actually. I wanted make sure. First I was told it was PBA but other e events suggested bipolar. I was in therapy as well as having a psychiatrist before leaving my job and I do remember my therapist suggesting living in the now and focusing on the present day. Acceptance is hard but u am working on it. I fully believe I can not only adjust but contribute to healthy thinking,changes and life. The best thing u could have done was leave my job. I truly feel free and I am happy about that. Thank you so much I really appreciate your kind words and suggestion.
  • Mike_M
    My wife was diagnosed as bipolar after being diagnosed with MS in 2012 and experiencing steroid psychosis with her first steroid treatment.  There is a definite connection between MS and bipolar.  Although none of the doctors we ask can say what came first, or if the MS causes the bipolar condition.  There is a lot of good information on the web if you search "bipolar MS".  The doctor who has helped us the most since the MS was diagnosed has been my wife's psychiatrist.
  • aleta-whitehead
    Hi! Is your wife on any medications for her bipolar? And just wondering has she done anything extreme while in a bipolar episode? How does it affect you when she has an episode? Thank you. It really helps to know I am not the only one.
  • gabrielle519

    Have you actually been diagnosed with bipolar disorder because I have major mood swings with MS. I am aware of them and so it is way easier for me to cope and work on controlling them not letting them rule my life. I also see a psychologist and just recently a psychiatrist. I asked my psychiatrist am I bipolar? Could I be bipolar? He said that there are various degrees of bipolar and with MS you have mood swings that might seem like bipolar but don't extend to the degree that it would for people with bipolar disorder. I also see a psychologist and talk to someone who will never tell me to stop playing the victim. He is there to listen but also give me guidance and tools to better myself. Good luck to you!
  • aleta-whitehead
    Yes I was diagnosed with bipolar. The signs have been there my whole life and for the longest after the diagnosis I did not believe it was correct. I do not act as most ppl with bipolar. But everyone is different. I now am doing what I can to make things easier for myself because I do have horrible mood swings. I have a few ppl I talk to now but u have been told i was playing the victim and that sent me into an emotional rollercoaster. I'm letting that person who told me that go and its been painful but healing for me mentally. I'm finding what works for me. Thank you so much.

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