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  • reddeb
    my dr. says I need a foley cather or my uralogist  says I should get a supra pubic tube put in.  I am catherizing 11 times a day (thats all my ins. has approved me for).  But I go to the bathroom almost 25 times a day.  I'm so tired, between night sweats and having to get up and go to the bathroom, I can only sleep for 1 and 1/2 hours at a time.  My GP, upon learning I cath. 11 times a day, said "how do you have time for ANYTHING else". Can anybody help me with their experance with either the foley cathter or the supra pubic tube?  Everyone says "don't let them put in a perment tube" but no one knows what I go thru daily.  Last week when cathing, I fel in the bathroom.  Didn't break anything but I can barley move, it hurts, just to lay flat on my back.  I have fallen and broke my fimer bone, my ulmar bone and my pelvis, i can't afford to fall and break any more bones!  I need help making a decision so please give me your experance with either the foley or the suprer pupic tube.
  • maria1
    Has anyone ordered physical therapy to strengthen those muscles. Are you taking vitimans A and D.
    ​I have had both problems overactive and underactive bladder and thought neither would ever end. Our situations are not the same and the choice is tough. One means you are giving up on finding a solution the other says maybe things will change. 
    ​Rest is not what you are getting and what you need. Can you use an adult pad to get you some relief so you can get some rest. All your muscles are stressed and do not have the opportunity to restore themselves with rest. I would be a zombie. Are you practicing deep breathing exercises and muscle relaxation techniques. 
    What alternatives have you tried before getting to this point.
  • Mahoward
    My husband just had a Supra pubic Catheder put in November.  It has changed his (our) lives!  We were scared and hesitant.  He is in wheelchair and unable to walk.  His hands and arms were getting worse, so urinating into a pee jug was getting harder for him to do himself. The key is you need to keep it very clean and sterile. Infections can occur, so know the warning signs. I think you should get one. You will sleep better at night, and have less worries about self cath all the time. Good luck.  
  • reddeb
    Dear Mahoward, thank you so much for your reply to my question.  I feel a little more like a Supra pubic tube would be the way to go.  Has your husband had to take any of the drugs like- Oxybutnin or Detrusitol? The info I got from my urologist says I might need them "to calm bladder spasms".  I can't stand to take them because there are not enough mints, gum, life savers or Biotene in the world that can relieve the dry mouth they cause.  My doc. has 2 M.S. patients with a tube.  The one is a woman and she gets infections that are so bad she has to stay in bed, so your suggestion to keep it sterile & key!  Thank you so much for your reply, I need all the help I can get!!!
  • gabrielle519
    Reddeb so I will tell you a foley catheter is something short term. So if your plan is to only have it for a while then go with a foley. A supra pubic catheter is more long term. It doesn't have to be changed as frequently as foley catheters. The good part is you wouldn't have to get up in the night. You do have a bag connected to you and you will have to empty it and keep the area clean. If you want to try the foley first you can always go to a supra pubic eventually if you want to try other methods to help with you urinary issues like physical therapy or other suggestions from your urologist.
  • Mamacita
    supra pubic catheter i n Aug. 2017 after almost constant uti, several uti while learning kow to properly clean, etc. has improved my quality of life.what does urologist recommend?