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  • sydney8687
    I just do not know what to do. Every symptom I have read I have had almost. As I am writing this my face around my nose and lip are numb as usual. I went to a neurologist, he could care less. I told him my skin felt like it was on fire if I took a certain medicine for migraine. He had no idea. My left eye started twitching 5 months ago. Get a eye exam.  And so on and so forth. I have just realized these are symptoms.Had an MRI I have lessons in the places but he said I would have to get a spinal tap to be diagnosed. Well he never even called me I got a email with the MRI report. No explanation, nothing. I had to look everything up.  Is this true?( sorry about spelling or punctuation I am very upset and rage writing)
  • gabrielle519

    I'm so sorry you are going through this. Get a second opinion. If he doesn't care then he won't care if he loses a patient. You can find good neurologist on the MS society. My eyes twitch and my eye exam are normal. Spinal tap yes is away they diagnosed MS but again research is good on the MS society because they have reliable info. Good luck

  • maria1
    We tolerate pets that do not communicate, we do not tolerate physicians that do not communicate. Get copies of all your tests, not just the write up, copies of the mri and the write ups. Waiting a few months for another neuro is better than talking to the wall. We who must be exposed  to the medical profession know three words, wait wait wait, from that we learn patience, but we do not tolerate spending our time and money and health on someone who will not give us the information we need. Fight for yourself, if you cant ask someone to fight for you. Call the ms society and ask about referals in your area, dont wait, you will only kick yourself, better to kick the md, (joke)

    Get your monies worth!!!
  • MS_Navigators
    A second opinion is definitely an option.  The Society has a Partners in MS Care provider search here:
    Maybe this can help find someone who is knowledgeable about MS. I'm sorry you're having this experience. 
  • rbroughton68
    I am going through this exact same thing. I plan to go to another Dr. for another opinion. I will keep going until I get answers. I hope you do the same, you know your body. Please don’t give up until you get the answers you need. Good luck.
  • sydney8687
     Thank you so much. That was very  encouraging to read today. I am not having a good day and I needed that. I have another visit in two days but I can barely get out of bed. I hope that they can order the spinal tap or do something. I have two babies under 2 and am finding it very hard to take care of them. I have no energy or am afraid to fall if I play with my son. I have to get the strength to go because I need help, not just for me but for my two babies. 
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    I agree with everyone here. You and your health are what's most important here. You have enough on your plate then to also have to deal with an ignorant neurologist. If he doesn't seem to care then he can't be of any help to you, so then it's best you move on to someone who does. Feel free to reach out to me & connect if you need to, I can try to be of as much help as I can.
    When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. - Henry Ford
  • wjhalpin
    I agree with the others. Get a second opinion/new doctor. I was diagnosed by MRI only with similar readings to yours and my symptoms. It is bizarre that this person would be obtuse about it.