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  • McKinnon
    Hi Everyone 

    I am going to be doing a lot of traveling for work soon and was wondering if anyone has tried any cooler bags to keep their meds cold. I have the traveling in the truck figured out (12volt fridge). It’s the plane travel that I am still trying to figure out. I fly back every 2-3 months to get 2-3 months worth of my meds (rebif). For the first time yesterday I flew with my meds and was an emotional wreck. I was just nervous that my meds would warm up and go bad. I want to stop this feeling and be prepared next time. Any suggestions on which bag worked for you or tips would be awesome.
  • gabrielle519
    Hello McKinnon,

    I would contact the company that makes Rebif and see what they suggest.

  • McKinnon
    Hi Gabrielle

    Thanks for the advice i called Rebif they had a few tips for me. But not really what i was looking for. I might have found it though found a bag with a digital read out of the temp inside and should hoold 3 months worth of my medication.
    that is the bag.
  • gabrielle519
    Thats a pretty awesome bag!!!
  • MS_Navigators
    Hello!  I would suggest the same as Gabrielle - MS Lifelines may have some tips.  I'm not sure about Lifelines specifically, but sometimes the MS pharmaceutical companies even have their own travel bags that they recommend and might send to you.
  • sherpa_doug
    Hey McKinnon,

    I wish I had some advice to share on keeping your meds cool beyond what others have shared, but wanted to say that being nervous about change sounds pretty normal.

    I went though something similar (but different) with an epilepsy medication. I felt that the uncertainty of “is my approach going to be good enough?” was brutal at first.

    It got better though, and know that with a little time you’ll feel more and more confident in whatever solution you come up with!

    Best wishes,
  • cantstopwontstop

    I am going to be doing some traveling soon (in the heat of TX) and I also have epilepsy meds on board- do you have any special tips you use?
  • maria1
    When you are booking your flight make arrangement with the airline to have your medication refrigerated, they do it all the time.