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    My lips were the first thing to start swelling and then I began to start itching. I screamed loudly to husband. "John. I can't breath." I was calling out to him frantically, screaming more loudly this time, "John," screaming again, this time he was answering and when he heard me, he already knew what was wrong! I had told him about the day before, and what had happened to me when I took my new medication that was in a pill form. It was the second pill, that I had just taken for my Multiple Sclerosis. The day before I had gotten sick with the first pill, but the doctor told me to keep taking it, my body would get use to it. So I decided to take the next dosage and by then it took about 4 minuets and then the effects started happening to me. My body started was rejecting the pill, and my breathing was becoming labored. My husband, rushed to the pharmacy to get an epi-pen, dose syringe, to give me. But, by the time he had returned home, I was already being treated by the paramedics, and they were started to breath for me. He was close behind them, though! And thankfully, he got to me about a few minutes, after they had got to my home, too! He knew what was happening to me and already called the paramedics. And he was running right behind them, but I had already started turning that bluish color of death. If John, had not gotten home right then, meeting up with the paramedics, I would have been dead. 



    He had told the 911 operator, that I was an M.S. patient and he believed I was going into an anaphylactic shock. By the time they both got to me, I was having a terrible time breathing. My lungs felt like they were about to explode and I was trying so hard to breath. I knew I was not getting air into my lungs or my brain. By then, I was beginning to go in and out of unconsciousness. I was becoming more and more exhausted. And I began drifting off, with my sight darkening, and everything around was beginning to black out. Then I went away, not knowing what was going on around me. It was becoming black like a veil of darkness, a dark scarf was on my face. And I was thinking, take it off, take it off, by then I was not making sense and had come to death's doorstep. 


    The E.M.T.,  was there but I don't remember anything, about them or what they were doing. The only thing I really remember was the darkness coming over me. And what I was told later, what happened from my youngest children! This is what they said to me as became conscious again. 


    Mommy, mommy. ,,,,,,,,,I was regaining consciousness again? 

    Where am I, what happened, who are you?..........Dad came home Momma and was running up the stairs. You were on the floor in your bedroom, and you could not hear. We screamed at you and tried to get you to talk, but all you did was make a moaning sound. We tried Momma! We did. We shook you and shook you. And saw you turning blue! Chris and I didn't know what to do. Michael said. When daddy saw you Momma, you were not moving and you looked so bad. You were blue and you were not breathing! Daddy got everything out of the medicine closet and started cutting your neck. Then, he told back away from you to let him work. And he cut your neck and blood was everywhere. We were scared mommy, we were so scared.  I am so glad you cane hear us again mommy. Can I hug her daddy? No Michael not yet!  

    I was beginning to hear something of this then. I beginning to get air to brain. My husband had to perform, what in medical terminology a "tracheotomy".  My throat, had already started to close and I was dying. How hard, this must have been for my young children to watch and then hearing that I was not getting air by the other men. And they didn't know if I was going to die. TheE.M.T. Personal, couldn't force the air through my trachea, because it was blowing the surrounding tissue up, and my throat would not let the air go through, so it went into surrounding tissue. I wasn't able to breath and my children knew it, and they could not help me? But even though I was going through all of this, those sweet children of mine, never left my side! As brutal as it seemed to them they stayed right there with me holding each other's hands. This must have been a horrible time. They both saw it all and then to see their dad cutting my neck, was icing on the cake! One could imagine how lost, and hurt they really must have felt! 


    But that is what happened, my husband cut my neck and stuck a small tube inside the area everyone calls the "Adams Apple." The E.M.T. Personnel, had some of these tubes on their crash cart and he cut the cartilage in between this area. It took him my about 35 seconds, to cut through the cartilage and stick the tube in me. Then the emergency management team connected the ambu bag to the end. And started breathing for me, squeezing the balloon of the bag, about 12-18 times per minute. Which is the normal number of time people per minute. 


    John, inserted this tube right in that area of my neck and stitched it in, so it would not slip out. And as soon as he finished, they placed bag on the end and I started to breathe getting the air. It was going into my lungs, but my brain needed the oxygen mostly. I began to slowly get pink. They say  "pink up", because after being the color a dusky, dark, grayish blue, a color of death, I am sure it was a much better site to for everyone involved. I was becoming aware of my surroundings again and returning to a conscious state. I was now getting the oxygen that I desperately needed, slowly coming out of the woods. Soon my brain was functioning again and my speech was coming back, in a slurry sound. They continued to start I.V.s in both arms, and the liquid was streaming through my veins rapidly. I started opening my eyes, but I was still very confused. I don't remember much about the event, only what I was told. But I heard one of the men telling my husband she's coming around now, she's back again! Boy that was a close call. I was drowsily thinking, to myself, "Thank God, I made it, I am still alive!"


    That was a little bit more, than I ever expected it to be. Who would know I was having an anaphylactic shock event after taking the pill. It was supposed to a great drug but not for me! It really was a miracle that I was alive. 


    This also was the beginning of my new way of life. Right then and there, I decided to put my old life up on a a shelf, to begin my new way of thinking all over again! Before this happened, I was just going through a motionless life without acknowledging any of my blessings. I thought only of myself, and how I felt about what was happening to ME! Today, I try really hard to think about life through someone else's eyes, because I never knew how to do that in any way. I am blessed with so much. A husband who loves me and children who are good and caring, not for just me but for everyone. I am wealthy and I have traveled the world and have a house in every place for the beach, skiing, lake house life, and house in Europe. I am not bragging I am listing the priories I have. And they wee priorities that were so misplaced! The only person I thought of was me! 


    Now I am taking the me, out of my life and putting the we into in there. Becoming aware of others and empathizing their thoughts on life. So this was my beginning of finding, Mary Ellen and becoming the writer I longed to become. So much change in such a very limited time, I am more than I ever expected to become! 


    Writing these things down on paper was the only thing I could think about when I came out of this N.D.E. A book was the first thing, was all I could think about, when I finally got through the experience. I wanted to tell the world what had happened to me and how I felt about it. 

    I remember staring the sentence, I just died. It was A near death experience. I put down on paper, memories that came back in small pieces so I started writing each of the pieces inside a tablet, each time I had a memory come back. I thought about it night and day and soon I needed to get another tablet, starting at writing in chapters. Soon I had a beginning to my book, coming close.....and I did come so close! 


    The Long Road of dealing with Multiple Sclerosis. 


    "Don't judge me, until you have walked in my shoes 

    and seen, how far I have come, and then 

    you just may know, how strong I really am?"        

    Please, go through this time with me and read my true story!


    As Ever, 

    Mary Ellen Campbell 



    Please do not copy, any part, or page, of this story. 

    By law you can or will be prosecuted, with criminal liability.

    Thank you very much for your support. 

    The Date of the above Episode: 2012 


    Next Chapter 3: Weird Happenings

  • maria1
    Thank you, Mary Ellen, a nightmare well reported. I read it with a pace of urgency, turning blue with you, waiting for breath. The complications always get in the way. Glad there was a happy ending to that chapter. maria