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  • mcampc62

    This was the day when I realized something was wrong with me! I could not see! 

    Go forward and find out why, if you will, and will share this experience with you and then you will no, how much strength I truly do have. 





    I awoke this morning but sleep still had me in its clutches. I began to arouse again and wake up. I thought to myself, I surely slept well last night! Then I turned to get up and that's when I felt myself start to sink. I turned the television on, as I usually did every morning. I was going to watch the morning news which I did each day, but as I starred at the T.V., I began to notice that I was blinking my eyes several times. Things were out of focus. I just thought it was leftover sleep, matter that accumulates inside ones eyes during the night, so I rubbed and wiped it off, but my eyes continued to be blurry and I could not focus on anything. 


    First, I thought my eye prescription had to be updated or did I pick up someone's glasses? My children often put these leftovers inside my bedside drawer? Still, this wasn't the case? I just could not focus and it started to scare me. I also had a sharp pain on the right side where eyes are never to have pain in them. What was happening? Why couldn't I see the T.V. set clearly? 


    The night before, I felt alright and nothing was wrong. I did my usual things before bedtime and hadn't felt bad at all. My vision was fine, I turned everything off and settled into my bed to slowly drift off to sleep. But today, something definitely was wrong?  I couldn't see well! That stabbing pain in my right eye was relentless. 


    I got up to see if the television was the problem, but as I stood up I was dizzily circling around and I fell down. Then, I really was scared! What the hell was going on? I felt as if I had no control over my own body, I didn't?


    And the worst of it I was all alone. My lake house, is 40 miles away from my permanent home. About 30 minutes from where I was. I had come up to clean and straighten it up changing sheets and sorting out laundry. The usual chores of having another home! But this time, no one came with me. I could not readily get the help I needed. 


    I tried to gain my composure, and I tried to get up once again. Slowly I rose, to fall back again. Only this time, not only could I not see, I was starting to feel weak and sick. "What was going on?" I asked myself.  I crawled back into the bed and looked inside my table to find my phone. I quickly dialed 911!


    "911, what is your emergency?" she asked.  "I have fallen and I can't get up, (sounding like those commercials they have started to run and the only thing I could laughed about at the time." ) "The address please?"  "960 Buck Island Drive," I said.  The operator continued, "they should be there soon, ms." and she hung up. But before she did, I believe I said, "tell them to come now and hurry, please!" 


       Now the only thing I could do, was wait and pray.
    Mary Ellen 






  • maria1
    You have done well to verbalize our map into the unknown, and I hate it as much as when I went through it, good job,, oh silly me.
  • capitolcarol
    What a horrible experience.  That must have been so frightening.  So how are you doing now after enduring such a nightmare?  Did your neurologist or doctor give you any medication?