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  • melindab418
    I fell 2/8 and my right leg and arm have felt,like jello, sending pain thru my legs up my spine, pins and,needles, amd electrical shocks. I also lost control (I have no urges saying "hey lets go") of my bladder and bowel. I,have been in the hospital for 8 days now because I fell again a week ago and ended up breakibg the wheelchair I had been using since the fall on 2/8. 
    One of the neurologist here at the hospital says I have/fit the markers for MS. (Vision double/blurry, pins and,needles,on my right side, memory loss, electrical shock thru my spine) The other neurologist says I dont, because my spinal tap came back normal and,my MRI doesnt show any lesions. I'm frustrated with getting the run,around. This neurologist wants to send me home because she can't find anything. 
    I have titanium metal in my back from an injury in 2001, so My MRI they do never comes back,accurate and this neurologist won't do a mylogram because she doesn't feel it is necessary.
    I know I need to find another opinion, but when you are stuck in the hospitAl it doesnt feel like Anyone will listen.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi Melinda!

    It does sure sound like a second opinion would help- once you're out and looking into that, maybe check here for MS specialists:Partners in MS Care

    Or give us a call for additional referrals at 1 800 344 4867.

    I sure hope you get some answers soon- hang in there!

    MS Navigator Jess
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    Hey Melinda, I understand you're frusteration. If I were you I'd insist on that mylogram. You need a neurologist who values you and your plight. I know switching to another neurologist may not be ideal but it may be necessary. You're health is imperative, it's not something you can mess around with. I wasn't officially diagnosed until late of July of last year. Getting the runaround is the worst and I am sorry you're going through this. I am here for you and as is the rest of the website. Hope you find the answers and swiftly.
    The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. - Lao Tzu