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  • jermained1
    Just got back from Colombia from a little vacation and my anxiety went out the roof when I got back. I was good the whole trip no problems and reconnected with old friends from when I lived there. The trip was 2 weeks. 
  • maria1
    So, how was the weather? When was the last time you were there? How different was it from when you remember?
  • jermained1
    Weather was good for Colombia. It been a year since I been there. Nothing changed I stand in the same apartment only people that been there was my friend and the maid service since the last time i was there
  • jermained1
    And going to my lawyer about my visa 
  • echobird
    I don't know what causes it but it happens all the time with myself sometimes everything will be ok and for some reason it just happens. Sometimes the weather is a reason as well but it is the what ifs that get to us I think. Or the excitement of the trip just finally catches up with us. Have you noticed that you may have been stressing out or siking yourself out pryer to the trip to the that you don't realize how bad your MS actually is acting. And I hope that you don't take offense to that but I'm questioning it myself. Because I think that is something that we all do at times.
  • capitolcarol
    Hi, it sounds like you had a nice vacation and were able to connect with old friends.  Coming back from vacation you are supposed to feel refreshed and relaxed.  I wonder what made your anxiety escalate.  Was this trip any different from your prior trips?  Any troubles there or coming back?
  • jermained1
    I was relaxed when I was there. No problems just felt free of all worries and problems. No big problems with my visa just had to show I was still spending money/ investments and had at least 3 Colombians on payroll to keep my  immigration  status. Just got back and me feeling relaxed changed quickly. Because of  social Security keeps switching my case worker