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  • brink250
    I was recently  diagnosed with multiple sclerosis after being diagnosed I realized I’ve had this for over 20 years from the symptoms thinking it was just aged my lifestyle 30 years ago I was diagnosed with retroperitoneal fibrosis which is an inflammation disease and no cure was given 3 to 4 months to live was put on prednisones which save my life now being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis  which is inflammatory disease prednisones for inflammation is anybody taking prednisones it helps me a lot 
    i cant walk in the. Mornings until after 30/40 mg Preds. I can feel the inflammation in every part of my body. God bless all 
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi brink250,

    Welcome to our community!  If you have a moment, give us a call- our MS Navigators are here to provide information, support, and resources.  1 800 344 4867.

    Jess, MS Navigator
  • brink250
    hey Jess. Would you have any info on taken prednisone. I was given that 30yts ago and it did save my life. Little is known about  retroperitoneal fibrosis  Also.  I am told I am a very rear person to have two   Auto immune diseases  had my  colostomy reversed after no sign of fibrosis and being on high doses of prednisone   If prednisone is for inflammation and MS is a inflammatory 
     Disease  And it’s seems to help me.  I was first told I have CIPD and was going to have 1200 mg of prednisone but had IVIG for 5 days. Went to Cleveland Clinic for a second option. Had MRI VEP Spinal done. All bad news. Meds 5k per month. Prednisone much cheaper  any info would help. 
  • grissinger83
    I was diagnosed in November 2018. The doctors said I've had it for years, but went undiagnosed. I spent most of 2018 barely able to walk and my balance was so bad I looked drunk most of the time. I could no longer walk stairs without holding on, play with my nieces and nephews, or walk through a store longer than 30 minutes before foot drop was so bad I could barely make it to the car (definitely had to use a cart to even walk through a store). I did physical therapy and it took me 13 seconds to walk 25 feet (healthy people do it in under 4 second). I was diagnosed the day before Thanksgiving and was put on a very heavy dose of Prednisone. I took 1000mg per day for 3 days. It took a while to work, but at physical therapy in January I walked the 25 feet in 9 seconds. I decided not to do medicine and I workout, changed my diet, and continue physical therapy. When I did my evaluation mid February I did the 25 feet in just under 6 seconds.  Prednisone was a game changer for me, it allowed me to improve my walking and balance enough to get stronger.
  • Rich1007
    "I decided not to do medicine and I workout, changed my diet, and continue physical therapy."

    IMO,  just an FYI, but doing a disease modifying drug as soon as possible is very important.  This video made by this legit MS doc (Dr..Aaron Boster) at Ohio Health explains it very well:

  • brink250
    Your story sounds very similar to mine  being self employed most of my life I was able to take off work any time I wasn’t feeling well  I also have had this for a number of yrs. I would like to keep in touch with you Grissinger.