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  • hwlaster
    is there anyone in the usa who is openly gay and have MS. I am trying to find a network of people who might be willing to be my friend if not more. I am a gay man. I have no friends or family. I am looking to relocate within the lower 48 states. Please email me direct at
  • maria1
    Hey Henry, You dont have to limit your friends to just gay, the rest of us like to have fun too.
  • hwlaster
    I agree but i really need to move out of my current living situation badly.
  • maria1
    Thank you for clarifying the situation, good luck finding new digs.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hello hwlaster,

    If you are primarily looking for housing resources, our Affordable Accessible Housing Guide for people with MS may provide some resources to get you started.

    Stephanie, MS Navigator