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  • jesuslovesus27
    Hello I went to ent doctor told him my ear has been ringing and popping alot mostly does it in the car the popping does and sometimes its crackly sounding .but he wanted to know if I had vision problems I said just ocular migraine evey blue moon well he assumes I have ms now because of these I went to new ent my ears were perfect so now I'm worried about what he said has anyone had any of these symptoms 
  • JessieL
    Well I would wonder if you have any other symptoms related to MS. As for your question, I have seen that tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is a possible symptom of MS. I would see about a referral to a neurologist. I have numbness in my ear canals (feels prickly) and have experienced ocular migraines as well. So I don't think it would hurt to investigate the possiblity of MS. I wouldn't get worked up about it though.   
  • jesuslovesus27
    Thank you .and yeah I woke up one morning bout two months before the rining in my ears started I had two numb toes but I also have scaitaic as well even though that has never happened to me the numbness. But it dint last long maybe  3 weeks on off for few seconds only in the am when I got up .as for my ocular migraine I've only had that twice so I really hope that docotr is crazy I dint have that .I'm going to docotrs today my main doctor see what she thinks .I've been so paranoid about it having panic attacks. I feel so bad for the people who have this diease it's so very sad I say prayer every day. That they will find cure ...God does heal though :)