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  • grissinger83
    Does anyone have symptoms when they use artificial sweeteners? I've been looking into a few protein shakes to drink after my workout, but a lot have sucralose. 
  • golgotha
    I haven't noticed it personally, but it'd be easy to test out on yourself, wouldn't it?

    Just a stable period of MS symptoms and do a week or so completely avoiding artificial sugars and note the symptoms. And then a week or so drinking them often and see if there's a change.

    I often do such experiments on myself like that with diet. That's the way I learned that gluten was an issue for me.
  • lorisvenson
    I have increased symptoms with sugar, artificial sweeteners and alcohol. It affects me quite a bit so I do not drink alcohol at all anymore and really limit my sugar intake. I can tolerate it better if I have it with a meal. 
  • gettlit
    With the advent of many flavoring in supplements, we have the tendency to overlook the ingredients and buy the product without hesitance. I've been a victim a lot and my GI has been irritated for long long time. I strongly believe that the source of the problem may lie within sucralose, the flavoring sugar in many supplements products that I've used including whey, BCAA's, and NO boosters. I'm just curious if anyone else also had problems with sucralose and whether their problems went away after stopping all supplements with sucralose. Thanks!
  • jeremullen
    I had already been eating clean for a couple years before I was diagnosed so I don’t know that food triggers anything in the MS. I did find out that I live a much happier life without processed food though.