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  • maria1
    Gatorade was invented by the University in Florida for the gators who are footballers, you all know that, it replaces the electrolytes lost in the body from the exertion playing the game. The original Gatorade has sugar the Zero does not.

    Has anyone tried the Gatorade Zero to combat the fatigue? 
  • ErinNicole
    I have not. Are you interested in it for the electrolytes alone?
  • maria1
    When the guys were here to put on the new roof it was sweltering heat, I kept filling up pitchers of gatorade and I noticed the guys were fine all day nothing bothering them. When my partner goes out in the heat and spends the day cutting wood, or mowing or weed wacking I notice he drinks gatorade and feels fine. After being outside for half an hour mowing I came in and drank some gatorade zero and was up all night. I am not really clear about electrolytes so I dont know if they make a difference for us, the insomnia was an alert insomnia instead of a walking zombie stupor, so I was wondering if anyone tried it. I think I will try some after coffee for breakfast and see what happens.
  • ErinNicole
    Keep us posted thanks
  • maria1
    This is the first night I have not fallen asleep after dinner watching tv, gonna try it again tomorrow!
  • waltzing_matilda
    That stuff is full of sugar.  The electrolytes in it are good for you.  The water in it is good for you.  The sugar will give you a short term boost; raise your blood sugar, and then cause you to crash after it has been metabolized.  Sure it can give you a boost.  So can coffee.  So can cocaine.  It messes up your physiology as all sugar does. 

    I don't recommend using it.
  • maria1
    yes, waltzing_matilda, I agree. Gatorade IS full of sugar and I agree it is awful, especially when you come crashing down. Gatorade ZERO has zero sugar, unless they are lying and dont believe in truth in advertising.

    And since I have deteriorated enough that I am no longer able to maintain a healthy diet, fill up on carbs, bread, fast food, sugar and coffee I can admit that the past two days I feel differently. All the other stuff I consume prevents me from sleeping but does not give me a boost, more like a stupor. I feel more physically complete, mental and physical alertness, able to think and function(also within limits) more than I have for the past three or four years. I feel okay and suggest that perhaps for those of us who are employed or have family who depend upon them, it may be worth the experiment to try a little. I have only had a scant six ounces for lunch in two days, I could probably do with four ounces and plenty of ice. We speak a lot about fatigue and not being able to keep up with anything, and unless we find out that we are being lied to, it might be worth a try. For more than fifty years I have been exhausted, have tried every prescription written to keep me awake, and have considered my self a walking zombie.

    I appreciate the opportunity to discuss opinions and thank you for your consideration waltzing_matilda, please continue the dialogue, we should all think about what we are saying and what people are saying to us, and I especially appreciate when I am corrected from transmitting false or erroneous information. Again, if they are telling the truth, there is no sugar in Gatorade Zero.

    Tomorrow I will not have any Gatorade Zero and see what the difference is, or if there is a residue of anything. I really hope there is no sugar, for real.
  • maria1
    It is autumn on the farm in Missouri and the helper we usually have has only been half here so I cant really tell if the Gatorade for two days has any effect on the body for one day without. Being forced to help outside last week and getting beat up with a massage has me aching. But I can say that my brain is another day clear, for that alone I am grateful. I have so much less fog in my brain that I feel brand new, or less old than I am, ha ha. I do think that three ounces of Gatorade is a better beginning than six.
  • maria1
    Okay, Gatorade has sucralose which is an artificial sweetner with side effects, so I would suggest that it be absorbed with caution.

    I am going to monitor my use for side effects and general well being, in small doses, but I will continue to experiment with it because my brain seems to be better acting against brain fog and I like that feeling.

    Thank you waltzing_matilda for you caution, it helps keep me honest.
  • ErinNicole
    Maria, every since I read this a couple of days ago it’s been on my heart.

    ”I am no longer able to maintain a healthy diet, fill up on carbs, bread, fast food, sugar and coffee”

    I know all of us are affected differently by MS. But all of those things seriously impact my symptoms. Even before diagnosis I noticed a correlation. 

    I’ve experimented with going long periods of time with all of them and every time I add one back it reals havoc on my body.

    so I’m concerned. Have you looked into a healthy meal delivery service? Or at least moderately healthy?
  • maria1
    Hello Erin,  The way I see it, at 72 it doesnt matter much what I eat, I just like good food better, ha ha.
    We live out iin the sticks 14.5 miles out of town where we can get lunch not dinner. There is a senior center in town but I am not into plain food or overcooked food. We have tried eateries friends have recommended, but... We use to go out to dinner sometimes but we found it unacceptable, we then opted for breakfast, who can ruin breakfast? but they served homefries from Oreida(sp?), so we gave up on that.  The good news is, I am eating less, lost 25 lbs, hooray.

    We even went to farms 50 mi away because someone said their chickens were good, to us they were worse than tyson!

    Have been eating plenty of salads I may start to look green,,and plenty of tomatoes, maybe I look orange. Soon it will be cool enough for soup, I can make and live with that.

    When the kids come to visit they cook plenty, but they dont visit when school is in.

    We are okay, sandwiches are not bad, I can make them. Maybe once a week I cook something. I made real hash browns yesterday.

    For the holidays we usually give ourselves a gift of importing Italian specialities from New York or Philia. I do make homemade greek yogurt and put in fruit. I can still lose another twenty five pounds too. Eating just isnt as much fun in MO as it was in NY, I am spoiled. If I keep eating less and less I will get back my girlish figure, that would be cool.

    So, again today I have not had any Gatorade Zero and my brain still feels better than before GZ, so even if I get some weird side effect I am okay with that, come to think of it, maybe I ought investigate kids foods that replace electrolites, my brain seems to be better, clearer, more me, less cobwebs than I have had in thirty years before dmd!

    I keep looking to make my life better, there are some frozen pizzas that are down right awful,lol.What does make things difficult is travelling anywhere, eating junk is better for me than getting in the car to go some place to be served anything, so it is just a trade off, I am giving up pain for garbage food, as long as I am not in pain I am pleased, grateful, even close to happy, so all is good. thanks for thinking of me, it is nice to have good wishes, maria
  • ErinNicole
    The ways this disease effects all of us differently never ceases to astound me.

    if that’s what works best for you. Go for it!

    If i could eat an Oreo and still be able to walk the next day, I’d be a chunky monkey lol

    i never know how to react when people tell me I’ve gotten skinny. It’s like... I just want to stay mobile it’s not for ascetics.  
  • maria1
    So, now I am beginning to doubt. I had some GZ abit ago and have to  wait for results. A couple of days before drinking the stuff I went for a massage, there were two muscles at the base of my skull on both sides of the spine, that were so stiff like rocks, most of the session was pressing and massaging those muscles, dont know if that cleared up the brain fog or the GZ, too bad I didnt remember that before I started this stream. Duh, I may be wrong again.
  • maria1
    Okay, I have not had any GZ for a few days and my brain is still clear, I guess I have to say it is the massage of the muscles at the base of my skull, more a myaofacial release, the hand pressure to release the tension in the muscles. So the GZ helps me stay awake and the massage clears  the brain, I tried to find the muscles myself, I did it sitting up and couldnt, maybe lying down will work?