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  • citogaston21
    I am 65 and recently dianosed with MS.  I have lost all function in my left leg and now have to use a scooter to get around.  Has anyone flown while taking a scooter?  If so how hard is it?  
  • jasonprestovfd
    I walk with a cane. A few months ago I had to fly to go to a friend's wedding. I got alot of help from both airports, getting wheelchair assistance. 
    I wish I could give more help.
    I would suggest contacting the airline you are planning on flying with and asking how is the best and easiest way to travel. 
    I hope this helps 
  • Rich1007
    It can be nerve wracking.  Call the airline.  They need to prepare.  Talk to them and work out everything in advance.  You'll need to check your scooter and an airline attendant will take you to your seat in a small wheelchair.  Ask them if they will bring your scooter to you when you land.  Be sure to attach  clear operating and assembly/disassembly instructions to your scooter labels like "LIFT HERE",  "FRAGILE", "NOT A HANDLE" help.  Take a spare key, charger and toolkit with you in your carryon.

    If you cant walk to the bathroom be prepared for when nature calls.  Airliner bathrooms are rarely accessible.  Suggest wearing diapers, pads, catjheterize yourself, plastic undergarments, etc...for your peace of mind. 
  • citogaston21
    Thanks a lot for the info.  I hadn't thought about putting labels on the scotter.  Good idea!!