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  • mechelles
    I have not been diagnosed yet with MS.  I have had the bad MRI on Nov. 4th.  The written report was pages long but my internal medicine doctor didnt understand part of it.  He referred me to a nurologists.  They called and the earliest appointment was December 31.  I questioned them being open. That was the earlist available.  

    They called about a week later and needed to reschedule and now the earlist available is January 28th.

    I wasnt thrilled with the appointment at the end of December.  I am stressed with worry.  I understand there is a shortage of doctors and I am really not okay with waiting till the end of January for an appointment.

    Am I just acting like a crazy person and this is how it works when your talking about appointments with nurologists?  Are the nurological issues not of a impact where waiting several monthes for an appointment could be detrimential?
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    Waiting is difficult, I was lucky in that I was able to schedule mine so it happened in time for when my brain MRI results reached his office. I think I was also lucky in that my diagnosis came within like a few months following my initial relapse symptom. The results of spinal tap really confirmed it for my neurologist. My best advice to you is to remain as calm as possible and if you feel you can't or really don't wish to wait it out, perhaps call around or look online for other neurologists in your area. I wish you well and hope you get the information & appointment you need soon.
  • ErinNicole
    Maybe call the internal medicine doctor and see about getting a referral to another neurologist. Also see if you can get acid with the MRI results to take to your appointment. Most important try to manage your stress and not freak out as that can make things worse. 
  • MS_Navigators
    Hello mechelles,

    You may want to ask them if they have a cancellation list and will call you if someone cancels their appointment. You can use this link to find other neurologists in your area that may have an earlier appointment.

    Below are some links that may also be helpful for you as you go through this process:
    Possible MS

    Diagnosing MS

    You are welcome to call us at 1.800.344.4867 if you have additional questions.
    Stephanie, MS Navigator 
  • lillivonshtupp
    I was going to say exactly what MS Connection said, Get on the waiting list! Yes it is very difficult to get into any neurologist. Mine has a 8 month to 1 year wait list. But once you’re in they have more availability and NP’s usually that can help you as well. Yes there is a shortage of Neurologists and nurses from what I understand. In the future try to book the MRI as close to the Neurologist appointment as you can. The shorter the wait, the better...IMHO. 
    Its really tough at first navigating appointments & tests & getting answers. I had a hard time finding a neurologist I meshed with, but 5 was the charm. “It’s a disease of time and space” so patience is the greatest virtue. These fine ppl will help you. Best of luck to you!
  • mechelles
    Thank you for the responses.

    I also realize that I had a need to vent and coming here allowed me to vent and avoid Facebook.  Thank you.

    I did ask the doctors office to put me on a call in list for cancellations.

    I did call my internal medicine doctor and ask if he could make another referral.  The first referral was to a Dr. close by.  I stated in my message I was willing to travel.  I live dead center on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Its not uncommon for people here to travel to New Orleans La or Mobile Al for care.  

    I am going to go to the listing of doctors and make some calls.  To be honest I had always thought since these doctors needed a referral to see you that the would be reluctant to deal with you.

    I guess one of the reasons this delay is bothering me is that my internal medicine doctor mentioned that if I didnt get seen timely, I would probable need another MRI after 6 weeks.  On the MRI report the only thing really written in plain english was at the end where he recommended another MRI after 6 weeks.   I will probably call my Internal medicine doctor after the 6 wwek mark.  My hope is he will order another MRI giving a comparison for the nurologists to look after.

    I am going to read up on MRI and acid

    Again...thank you all.
  • echobird
    You can call them back and ask to be put on a call list for canceled appointments if you want to get in sooner with the holidays someone might cancel their appointment and you can get in sooner that way. Sorry didn't see that you got on a wait list.
     But I hope that you can stick with a Dr near you because if your MS gets worse and can't handle driving or riding that far then it might help to have one near.