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  • jonlondonuk
    Hello everyone

    I'm brand new on this forum, although I've been living with MS for around 7 years (at least I've been diagnosed for that long anyway!).

    My current medciation is the Avonex Epi-Pen which I take once a week. I had a minor relapse last December and my doc now wants to switch me over to Gilenya. I'm VERY happy with the though of moving from an injection-based meds to a tablet-based one.... BUT.... I've read about the potential side effects of Gilenya.

    Is there anyone on here who is either on Gilenya or who has switched from Avonex to Gilenya, who would mind chatting through the upsides and any downsides with me? If so, it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you
  • rajiah
    Hi, I have been living with MS for almost 14 years, i am on rebif since then. I am so good, never had a relapse since i started the medication,  i saw a specialist recently and we discussed about changing from rebif to one of those three oral meds, gilenya, mavenclad or aubagio, and i’m worried like you. to change a med is very tough .