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  • artdeckco
    As a general rule, I find moderate-to-cooler temps in low humidity climates the best for my MS.  But that sweet spot exists nowhere ALL THE TIME.  The earth spins/tilts, ya know.  Yet, in the US, some places are pretty good.  If you start with the idea that most people with MS like low humidity days, then you can try to limit sweltering or frigid days.  

    I'd love to hear from the MS Navigators listing desirable areas.  I'd also also love to hear about desirable areas that other MSers have experienced.  I'll add some areas that I've experienced traveling for work with MS for 20 years:  Santa Fe, NM, Portland, OR, Napa, CA, Denver, CO, and no doubt many more parts of the western-most States.

    Please spare the undesirable areas.  
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi artdeckco,

    While in my time at the National MS Society this question has been asked multiple times, there's just no perfect answer.  Some people are sensitive to heat, some to cold- some feel better in humidity, some prefer a dry climate.  Having lived in Denver, while most of the year is moderate, the extremes are real.  Beyond weather, it's vitally iimportant to also consider resources in different areas, as there are places with many medical and financial resouces, and areas where this can also be sparse.  You've started a great list, I'm interested to see the responses you receive!

    Jess, MS Navigator
  • artdeckco

    I do appreciate that you replied.

    There are so many questions and issues about MS.  What always seems to drown the responses is when many independent questions are wrapped into one.  I'm really just concerned with optimal climates for those with advancing MS.

    We all learn early on that MS symptoms are hugely variable. My Mother had it while I grew up, and both my brother and I have had it for over 25 years/each.  Heck, my brother still can skateboard with his boys at 55; for me, for me at 54, MS has hit my motor functions hard, so I cannot.  But certain things still predominate for those whose MS has advanced their disabilities substantially.  That is, even with a highly variable decease like MS, groupings can exist if you are specific enough with your questions.

    Resources are great in my locale (Pittsburgh), but that is in part because we have some strong hospitals, a larger-sized city, and some elevated MS numbers.  But like everything, the more independent issues added, then the less focused the responses.  As I'm sure you know, many independent factors influence areas to live and climate is just one.  I love to ski (a plus for Denver), I also love eclectic people and Mexican food (plus for Santa Fe) and I also love eclectic people and wine (pluses for Napa, CA and Portland, OR).   I’m just now looking at climates.

    So, while groupings are difficult with MS, I think that they still have a place.  If you surveyed 100 MSers with advanced disabilities about the best US climates for their MS, I’d be surprised if lower humidities and more moderate temps did not predominate.  Heck, my own brother cannot truly answer this question, even though an MD with MS.  He vacations with his family in Phoenix and San Antonio!  I wither there.  He’s my brother with MS, but he is not bothered with humidity, hot, and cold, nor was I before my MS advanced.

    One quantum project that can be tackled best by the NMSS (I think), would be to begin grouping those with MS into categories where shared characteristics emerged.  We avoid saying that we share characteristics, but I believe that it will be by examining further those shared characteristics that we can advance the cause!
  • capitolcarols
    artdeckco -
    Hi, I have had SPMS for 40+ years plus arthritis and am anxious to get out of the cold, rainy Northern Virgina area and move to sunny warm Florida.  
  • echobird
    Hi Carol would that be considered stage 4 MS? That's what I've been told I am. I believe because the severity of my MS. Or how quickly I go downhill and so fast.
  • echobird
    I can't handle humidity at all. I prefer an area that doesn't get over 80 to 90 max. As well as not colder than 50 during the winter. I can't handle either the hot summers nor the cold winter's. It gets as hot as 122 and as cold as 27 degrees during the winter.
  • harryc1
    It was miserable with 10 months of blizzards. I could move around better in the Dakotas and Nebraska. Texas- the heat just about killed me. I guess - 30 keep the swelling down? I guess man? Heat and especially humidity was a killer for my body.