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  • ky_lynne
    My name is Ky, I am 25 years old, I’ve met someone special and we are living together, as he has never met someone with MS, I have SPMS, my time in RRMS was brief and only endured 3 relapses before they said my progression is steady. He’s never showed impatience but I worry he might, how do I deal with it? Do I simply just say no, try to fight through it? His family and himself are extremely active in the dirt track racing community and every weekend night in the summer is set aside to outdoor activities from noon-10pm...I have made up excuses not to go, but people are catching on and I worry it will look like I don ‘t appreciate or support him. Ive tried just coming in to watch him race but some of the races are across the state or even a state away and I don’t drive, so coming in half way is out of the question... As my life is being shared with someone else I cant just be the lump on the log and just ignore it I want him to feel comfortable and happy where is the happy medium? I have to allow time and energy for compromise. Thank you for listening to me rant... Have a great day! Ky.
  • maria1
    ky, what are you doing for your ms? what does your partner know about ms? What would you like to see happen?