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  • Dennis-T
    The most noticable problem for me is the slow decline in thinking straight. Given enough time to think about a problem on my own and it usually becomes clear, but conversing with others  and I can say or think dumb things.

    I've been combating the memory problem for years now but it keeps slowly advancing, so I asked others what they do and someone mentioned lion's mane mushroom. I've heard it before, but I wasn't convinced it was worth it. 

    I'm still not convinced it's doing anything, but I've taken omega-3 and vitamin D supplements for years now, so I added lion's mane mushroom into the mix.

    I've realized over the years not feeling any different doesn't mean the drug isn't working, it  might mans that it's keeping me from getting worse.

    As part of me trying to combat memory loss I was interested in how a better night's rest could help, so I listened to 'Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker, PhD' last year. I remember hearing that REM sleep is the most restorative part of sleep.

    REM sleep is when dreams happen... among many other things and I've been dreaming more recently. Is it the lion's main mushroom or is it just coincedence?
  • maria1
    We here in this old house, lol, wait a week for the word to pop into our minds. Maybe lions mane may help us, I must check it out. What I have noticed lately is the slowness of my mind, four month later and something hits me. But I am a bit older than you and it may be part of aging, how the wheels churn instead of spin. We play plenty of games but are isolated from the spoken word, that may also be a minus. I dream all the time, even when it is a short nap.

    Sometimes it is the news that is repeated in my dreams or a movie I watched before bed. Maybe there isnt enough variety in activities around us. We dont hear ball scores or theatre reviews, we seem to be slipping into the dark ages. Our local museum posts a picture once a week and asks what we see, I see I miss walking through the rooms at the museum. 

    The newspapers come with the mail, usually at about two pm so it is boring to read about yesterday so late in the day, we stopped getting the paper. Do you read the newspaper. 

    In the good old days, we read the newspaper, watched the news, listened to the radio, and saw people all the time, even going to the park to watch the kids.

    My cousin is in an independent living facility, she was thriving, sounding the best in years and her ms was well under control. They have locked every one in their apartments since February, no interaction at all, she has been falling a lot and now is repeating thoughts over and over. It sure seems we need people to polish our words and thoughts, we need interaction to connect the words to ideas and creative thought, we are not islands.
  • alicehoo10

    I agree Maria, I think we need our friends and family actually anyone we can talk to or our minds get dusty from unuse. Words start disappearing from our vocabulary because they aren't being spoken. This virus has certainly been hard on all of us and I don't even have MS. 

    that was one of the first things I noticed with my husband after his diagnosis, we were at Sonic one day having lunch. He looked over at a building and said he'd never seen that word before and didn't know what it meant. I looked in the direction he was looking and wanted to cry but instead said something like oh, John you just forgot for a moment. The name on the building was Pediatric Denistry    It's five years later and he still has problems with words and thoughts. 

    ive never heard of Lions mane. I will look into it too but I fear it's too late for my husband. 

  • artdeckco
    Hey Dennis, hope all is well. You write like competent adult. I can remember back 30 years ago in my constitutional law class. My professor would start the class talking about how he didn't see any of his students at the pool, gym, or basketball court. He would say, "each of you needs to learn that you must exercise both the mind and the body". Some things stay with us for life, and that was one of those statements.

    Keep working your mind and do some reading on how memories are created.  My guess would be that it has something to do with an idea or thought "imprinting" on your mind. That requires focus and focus requires discipline and determination.  The number of memory game apps is astonishing.  my advice would be that you will need to tackle this straight on ... make it fun! 

    Having MS involves finding our unique way to manage a problem. I combat my limitations with information. I'm sure that the reading on this could take some time before you find the answer you're looking for.  I wish you the best in you pursuit.  Go get 'em!