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  • alicehoo10

    My husband is getting ready for another Modified Barium Swallow test next week. He had one a year ago   Oh is he excited about it ( I kid here, he is not really looking forward to it at all).  The test had to be stopped last year before it was done because he got liquid in his lungs which made him very uncomfortable, felt like he couldn't breath and was chocking.   He doesn't have a choice though, the ENT dr needs to see if it is MS related or something he can help with.  If it is MS related them he really only has speech therapy available to him. 

    He is to the point eating just about anything has trouble going down. Apple sauce was his problem tonight. I'm going to get him some jellos and pudding to help him and buy more Ensure so he can at least get some liquid food into him for the time being.

    This poor guy can't seem to get a break with this disease
    Does anyone have any other ideas food wise I can try to get down him until the test is done and we see what is to be done about his swallowing?


  • maria1
    Hi Alice, Glad to see you are still kicking and screaming. I have not found any food or drink that helps me, sometimes though, blowing my nose before eating makes things easier. I salivate a lot, all the time and breathing often is the same as eating. Also small meals. Lately I have been enjoying watermelon. it changes the sensations in the throat, maybe because it is cooler than other foods, wonder if that makes a difference. Smaller meals. more like snacking. Hadnt thought about speech therapy, that may help or those breathing exercises into that plastic aparatus that has the ball that goes up and down. Lately it has been too hot to cook or eat hot food, sandwiches have been on the menu. Bread seems okay. Been enjoying chopped egg with hellmans and tomato in a sandwich, seems to be okay.

    Can he tolerate warm lemon water. Maybe the mucus is too thick to swallow so the throat gets confused. Just guessing, after all these years I havent figured that one out. Maybe allergies too. We have had plenty of rain and everything is very beautiful, everything I am allergic to. Bausch and Lomb has allergy eye drops that seem to help me, I dont get runny nose, post nasal drip so some of my choking is from allergies.
  • alicehoo10

    Hi Maria
    yes I am still kicking and screaming that's the only fun I get on a daily basis these days 😬

    the ENT told us that as we age our throat muscles can get stiffer which he can help with, but if it's MS related the only thing that can help is speech therapy. John had speech therapy last year and it really did help but some where between last year and now he stopped practicing and his throat is worse now.   

    the main problem with him is how picky he is with food.  I did order more jello and pudding for the time being   He won't eat soup or anything normal so I'm up a creek without a paddle. He'll only drink ice tea (with or without Lemmon), milk and his Ensure.  Water he'll only drink at night if he has too. 

    I'll try some water Mellon see if that's any easier. Maybe some pineapple slices. He use to love pineapple  
    I agree it's been way to hot to cook and eat hot food.  I prefer sandwiches this time of year but my sister only likes them at lunch so she usually cooks meals at dinner. We eat them because she is sweet enough to cook.   John can't eat them as well any more   If I could figure out something he could eat. I could start smaller meals more often   I'll just have to hope the Ensure and puddings work 

    He hasn't been looking healthy and has been sleeping a lot. So his cardiologist ran some labs on him. His hemoglobin is too high😔. So now we have to go to a blood bank and have some blood removed.  I've been reading up on this and it seems dehydration is one of the things that can cause this. 
    I'm finally at my breaking point so our kids convinced me to get some help in to give me a break  I've been yelling at him more which I've never done before causing me to get depressed  I realize he has no control but lately I can't help it  so help starting out will be one day a week for 4 hours allowing me to leave the house and go to one of my children's homes to relax   If I see it is helping John and me then we will add another day  my kids said they'd help with the cost   I also as I said started up speech therapy which will be twice a week and a physical therapist is coming twice a week both through home healthcare   So his days will be busier and no longer spent just in bed    We are trying once again to get him to want to live and not spend his time in bed 
    I pray we can help the swallowing issue  he did weigh 189 now he's down to 168 since April    How did I not notice the weight loss??? 

    eye drops are another good idea  I hadn't thought of those  I'll ge some and have him try them  
    thanks Maria  hope you have a great day!



  • maria1
    Remember too, summer stinks for us, even with the a/c the heat cooks us to well done. I have done nothing this summer  as every other summer.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hello alicehoo10,

    We have some information about speech and swallowing on our website that may be helpful:
    Speech and Swallowing: The basic facts

    Swallowing Difficulties in MS (video)

    MS Navigator 
  • alicehoo10
    Thank you!  I will look into it right now