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Limbo land*

1am 55 year old male . Here's my story , I have always been active into sport and the outdoor life , golf being one of my passions having played since I was 11 years old . Last October while out golfing I was lining up a putt when I try ed to get up I couldn't almost fell over eventually did get up and carried… Read More

Ms Society Fundraiser! *

Hey everyone! I wanted to share a fundraiser I'm putting on that is very dear to my heart.   This summer my boyfriend, Ian Dyer, passed away unexpectedly.   Ian's mother Kim was diagnosed with Ms when Ian was 5 years old, and fundraising for the Ms Society was incredibly important to Ian throughout his life… Read More

more of my brain games

Last week my son wrecked his dirtbike; the ambulances, police cars and fire trucks at the sceen made me think the worst. Thank God he has minor injuries; however, we all know what emotional stress can do to the "system". By friday I was a mess. I attempted to go to the store to pick up my prescriptions and a… Read More


My eye left hurt so badly!!! Then a year, and a half ago I had a smudge, like eye boogers over my eye??? Some days are better than others in general with my vision, and that is so strange? People mock me, because of this? I do not want to wear glasses I cannot remember to put them on, or where I had left them… Read More

MS walk State College

Where should I post my discussion? I am walking for MS May 20th In State College PA and would like to add my Team link for the donations to MS is this something I can post in the forums or no? Thank you for you time Read More

New to the site

I just wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself.  I was DX Jun 09 but they believe that I have had it for around 2 decades.  Makes everything make since.  I am a Retired Military Wife.  He retired and we stayed in sunny and expensive CA.  I have wonderful caregiveers and so far we have not had to… Read More

Asking for your Help *

Hello everyone! My name is Katherine Medlock, and I am part of a group of college students at Lehigh University creating an app to improve the quality of life for people with MS using machine learning.This app is being designed specifically for you so we need to hear from you! Please consider filling out this… Read More

Asking for your help.*

Hello, My name is Sam Smith and I am a 21 year old Health Sciences student at The Ohio State University.  This past weekend I participated in Buckeye Breakaway.  Buckeye Breakaway was a ride for MS for a total of 150 miles.  I rode my hardest and best for the individuals, families, and communities that have… Read More

Children with ms*

I am a mom of a 15 year old young lady that has MS. We are interested in finding support groups or talks that are around our area. We are willing to travel to get all the info we can to help us learn more about this diease. My daughter is a national dancer and she continues to dance with her systems. Any… Read More

Getting Involved!!*

Hi there, my name is Bristol Monson and my mother has MS. I am currently running in my city scholarship pageant (Miss Draper) that goes through the Miss America program.In these pageants we get to choose "a platform" which is a charity, problem, or other organization we feel strongly about to help raise… Read More

MS & Autoimmune Diseases.

I just wondered if anyone else out there has any other Autoimmune diseases like Psoriasis or Lupus, or Scleroderma, ect..with Multiple Sclerosis? I know that I have a few and am wondering if they are genetic or just unknown?  Read More

Healthy Living - MS Run Club Denver*

Hi All, Do you love to run?  Do you want to get back to running?  Do you want to find an MS community of runners?  We are here for you.  A group of people with MS have formed an MS Run Club with runners from Boulder to Colorado Springs.  Check us out on our Facebook group page - MS Run Club and come join us… Read More

any bodies help is greatly appreciated*

Hi friends and family! Due to some fantastic people with big hearts we will be doing a few fundraisers soon for my stem cell treatment. There will be some very fun and cool ways to hang out and help take that step to give me back my life. Also below is my go fund me page copy and paste in your search engine bar… Read More