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The World's Biggest Selfie*

Please joing to help Kiss Goodbye to MS. We are aiming to get 1,000,000 funny photos uploaded to in 30 days!The challenge is to take and upload the most exciting, creative, original, outrageously funny, serious or weird selfie you can. Then challenge your friends to see if… Read More


MS can take so much, so discussions often focus on the worst of it all, as we all need the most support through the worst... And most of us are familiar with pain and loss, but I want/need to talk about something else, even if only briefly. I want to know what you do to live beyond the trials of life with MS… Read More

Neurotoxicity and m.s.

I know my m.s. was caused by exposure to toxic chemicals - toluene and benzene -  and was wondering who else out here has the same tale to tell.  I was first diagnosed in 1978 when a mere child of 28  (yes, I am 63 now) and was not aware of chemical toxicity link to m.s  until 10 years ago.  I have done much… Read More

Multiple Sclerosis Benefit Movement*

Hello everyone!I am writing to you all because I have created a movement of my own in order to raise funds for MS. One of my best friends was recently diagnosed, and I need to do something to make a difference. I have designed five different shirts that are currently up and running on, and the… Read More

Shirts for Support-MS Campaign*

Hello all! I am raising funds for a friend of mine who just got diagnosed with MS. I wanted to be able to support her both financially and personally. I have designed a few shirts which are up and running on If anyone would please check them out, or share the links to create awareness as I don't… Read More

My wonder drug.

I'm hoping that it's not just something that helped me. I was dx'ed in Nov 2000 and been on a few modifying drugs to help me. It wasn't til I started seeing a new neuro last year that something good finally happened. On my first visit I explained to her how my pain meds weren't really helping my back. She said… Read More

MS Fundraising!*

Hey everyone! Last year, I started with the MS walk and with the help of everyone I raised over 500 dollars for the National MS Society. I didn't want to stop there. I am extremely passionate about charity work and I realize this is what I want to do for a living. I created the ‪#‎MyStory‬ campaign to help… Read More

Lending A Helping Hand*

Good Afternoon, I'm starting this conversation because one of, if not the most important person in my life got diagnosed two years ago with MS.  We have been on a rollercoaster ever since, but she is a fighter and she is a ray of sunshine in the darkest days.  Although, my question is.... how do I become… Read More


I have severe cognitive dysfunction.  I have 2 aides who work in 3 hr shifts because of it.  I have noticed severe confusion when shopping, I can't remember what I have bought, I am making bad judgements over how much money to spend.  Today I signed my personal directive so that if I am ever declared unable to… Read More

Just for laughs, cognitive humor!

Today is my sons 13th birthday. I got up to make his cake; the directions were a "little" confusing, keep in mind this is a box cake. Something that should have taken me 5 minutes took like 25; instead of adding 1 cup of water, I added 1/3.  I caught the mistake in time...Next, I went to put my contacts in. I… Read More

Walk MS*

My mom and I are doing the MS walk in Reno and I registered through the "Walk MS" site so people could donate. Some people say they have but I can't find that information anywhere. I would like to thank people who donate. How do I find that information?? Read More

MS Facebook page

Just a reminder that I started a page for people living with MS and/or family and friends of MSer's. I never seem to have time or remember to come to this site and check messages, reply's and see posts. My FB posts pop up on my phone and I'm on it several times during the day. So, this is just a second way… Read More

West Coast MSer's*

I have created a Facebook group that I hope to make a good place for, but not limited to, Nevadans/Californians to connect. Hopefully this will help us get more localized support and learn of functions in our area. I don't know how to find my page URL, so the group is called MS Nevada. .....And frankly, I… Read More