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In one of their own songs, Iron Maiden says 'nobody cares til somebody famous dies.'  While it's unfair to say that nobody in the heavy metal community cares about MS, it certainly hit home recently with the passing of original Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr. While there was attention by the community, I… Read More

Difficulty using the computer

In the years I've been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It has become more difficult for me to communicate using e-mail or the computer because my typing skills have been changed terribly with the fact that I lost the feeling my left hand. I now use voice recognition software. This is something I never… Read More


Hi, This is going to be my second year participating in the South Sound MS Walk and I'm looking for ideas on how to fundraise. I wanted to raise more $ this year but so far I've been struggling to get any of my friends to donate or even walk. Last year was my first walk, being my mom was diagnosed in fall… Read More

not sure but it may be a help

Hello! Some time ago I met a woman who suffers from MS. I wanted to help any way I can. I started online searching and found materials in the Bulgarian language. The Web site describes alternative treatment. This treatment, according to the site dates back centuries. Treatment consists of applying a moderate… Read More


On the website under: Research and Researchers Need You and Surveys, There are survey links, this is stuff researchers have put together. Some are short others about half an hour or more. The researchers have put together questions which have helped me to identify things about my symptoms and… Read More

MS family

My aunt on my mother's side had MS, diagnosed around 1955 when she was 18,  No modern drugs just B-12 shots but she had a strong will, a strong faith in God, and took care of herself..  She raised two great children while doing child care in her home.  She died in her 50's, She always had a positive attitude… Read More

In Memory of Charles Smalley

I ride the September MS Mt Vernon Bike Ride with friends each year.    We all rode Day 1 this year.   Sadly, near the end of our 60+ mile ride that day, our cherished friend, Charles Smalley, died suddenly and without warning of a massive heart attack.  I can't even remember if I had raised enough money to… Read More


I lost my sight in my right eye overnight while working as a Computer Support Tech in 2001. I went to the emergency room at the closet hospital and was told I needed an eye doctor. The next day I went to Sears where I had bought my galsses and was told I needed to see an Ophthalmologist the next day and was… Read More