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  • tigerlily
    I just wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. 
    I was DX Jun 09 but they believe that I have had it for around 2 decades.  Makes everything make since.  I am a Retired Military Wife.  He retired and we stayed in sunny and expensive CA.  I have wonderful caregiveers and so far we have not had to go back to the East Coast for help from our families.  I have good insurance through the military.  I have RRMS.  I have quite a few SX.  I have real good day and also bad days.  I am pretty self suffient but I cannot do too much in one day or I pay for it and am not able to cook and spend time with my family.  I pretty much rest all day until they come home.  I know you all understand.  I am on Copaxone and many more medication.  I have other diseases and conditions but I wont bore you on this post but they are on my profile.  I am here to homefully help others, help others and be there when they need to vent.  I also would love to connect with people.  Love to all and God Bless you. 
  • LauraK
    Hi and welcome! Almost everyone here is NEW to the site since it just went public this week.  I hope you enjoy being in on the beginning of something great.  See you around....
  • ladyjustine
    welcome, I am new to this site too!
  • lorimloo
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