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  • 1800FightMS
    Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with a dog allergy. (after going 53 yrs. with no allergies whatsoever).  I had been in close proximity to two dirty dogs with heavy dander and when my fingers touched the inside of my lip; my lip, tongue and throat began to swell to the point I could not swallow. After an ambulance ride and medications, I was sent home. The next day my feet were partially numb and the MS symptoms I experience every day were amplified two-fold (balance, fatigue, weakness...) 

    I never considered that the my MS symptoms could possibly have anything to due with  the allergic reaction to the dogs. This increase in disability lasted about a week and a half to two weeks.

    Approximately four weeks later (Mother's Day),  I visited this home again. I avoided the dogs, but sat on a couch that the dogs are allowed to use.

    The next day my hands and feet were completely numb.When I tried to put an earring in my earlobe, my hand felt like a club. When I walked, my legs would jerk in uncontrollable "spasms"? I saw my neurologist the next morning for an exam. I used my on again-off again cane, but had a considerably hard time walking.

     She gave me a prescription for prednisone.

    When I called to chat with the person who owns the dogs, he reminded me of the same kind of numbness I had the last time I visited.I told him that I would ask my neurologist about it the next morning, but I told him that she would laugh me off the phone.

    I did some research on the internet and the scattered information I found, plus my nursing knowledge, I decided to call my neurologist first thing in the morning.  I said something to the effect of... Since allergies heighten the immune response and causes an inflammatory reaction, if a person with an allergy is exposed to the allergen, could this cause a relapse of MS.
    The MS nurse did not know, but told me she would ask the doctor and call me back. The answer...YES !!! 

    Then if this is true, why do neurologists not ask if we have been exposed to something we are very allergic to when we have a relapse???

    I'm interested in any information about this.

  • Maura_G
    I don't know the answer to your questions, but I find a lot of things on line and by doing research on my own. 

    You will get to know your triggers, and hopefully learn to or try to avoid them. 

    Great job on the research. 
  • wendy_higham
    I strongly believe that MS and allergies are related.  I did not have severe allergies or asthma until I developed symptoms of MS.  Then when I was finally diagnosed with MS 9 years later and treated for MS my allergies are finally under control.  During that 9 year period I was even allergic to the allergy shots and the shot that makes you so you are not allergic to the allergy shot.  I was so allergic that everytime I had a allergic reaction I actually had an anaphlaxic reaction and had to use an epipen.  I had been hospitalized twice for a minimum of a week for my reactions because they were so severe and could not control them.  I developed food allergies to where I could only eat root vegetables, eat chicken, drink water or milk,  and the only grains I could have were oddly enough were wheat, oats, and barley. The only seasoning I could use is salt and pepper.  I was allergic to all trees, grasses, flowers, weeds, molds, dust mites, etc,

    Now that I am on copaxone I still can not have any seasonings except salt, pepper, season salt, and basil.  If I use onion it can not be mixed with garlic and vice versa.  Because I guess I am allergic to them both but not enough when they are separate.  I still have to watch my meats but I can have some beef and pork.  Absolutely nothing that comes from the ocean.  I can have pretty much any vegetable, I have to watch my fruits.  I am great on my whole grains now and can drink whatever I want for the most part.  I am still allergic to everything outside and I am still allergic to the molds, dust mites, and all that yucky stuff.  I am also allergic to most animals except cats which is good because I have 4 of them but at times I wonder about them.

    Besides my Copaxone shot, to help control my allergies I use two inhalers, and two different allergy medications so I can go outside.  Before my MS medications I could not go outside and I basically stayed in one room that was a "allergy" free zone.  It sucked.  So, I believe I am living proof that sudden onset of allegies and MS go hand in hand :)

    Sorry for such a long post.  I guess I had to get that off my chest.  I am also relieved to see others have had the same problem :)
  • maria1
    Very interesting. I have been receiving shots for allergies, dust, dust mites, mold, oak, goldenrod, cat dog horse & probably some other things. I was so sick, my home is surrounded by oak! we have a cat! I started learning to ride a horse and had a good ride one day so i hugged the horse in gratitude and proceeded to be ill. i stopped the shots because I am getting new allergies, decided to stick with a pill on some mornings when I know the pollen is high, and i wash my hands like crazy. The newest annoyance is every time the cat comes into the house it must be brushed, I learned the hard way, and keep forgetting, the cat runs through the poision ivy so i have PI for the third time this year, i wish i would remember not to pick up the beast!