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  • LauraK

    I hope this is ok to post here -

    Mayo Clinic is offering a week seminar in Minnesota,  primarily for medical personnel to hone their skills and discuss ways to make social media work for physicians and patients.  As part of this program, they are offering scholarships to patient/caregiver applicants and I hope to be one of the fortunate three people chosen to attend. 

    The judging is multi-part, and includes LIKES  and/or TWEETS. Would you please consider reading my brief essay and selecting LIKE and or TWEET on the page directly below my essay?

    I hope to learn skills on using Social Media to communicate with health care providers  that I can share with our local NMSS groups  and online communities as well.  This race is very close and I need all the LIKES, TWEETS and comments I can gather to show the judges I am a serious contender,  and can represent the Multiple Sclerosis community. Voting ends at midnight, Friday, August 3, so please do this right away.  Thanks.  Laura

  • maria1
    Laura, is the link correct. I could not connect.
  • LauraK

    Hi Maria,

    This is the correct link.  I know many people have had trouble with it because there seems to be a problem with some computer firewalls.  This is the direct link to my essay-

    You might be able to get to it from this link-

    I don't know if this link will work for you - it will take you directly to that page without all the scolling and clicking ....
    and my essay is under Laurak

    If this doesn't work and you want to read it and help,and you are persistent,  you can get to it from

    then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the arrow marked "previous post" 

    on that page do the same thing, scroll to the bottom and click the arrow marked "previous post"

    and then do the same again - scroll to the bottom and click the arrow marked 'previous post"

    (you are going back to early submissions from July 16)

    You will finally see my submission under Laura K

    Thanks for asking .And especially, thanks for being persistant and trying to help.

    be well, Laura

  • Avatar
    You are doing a good deal. Your article demonstrates your hard work and experience you have got in this field. Thank you for it.