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  • Paul141
    I am not sure if this is the right venue or not. I have a incredibly handicapped home that will be coming up for sale within the next 2 years. Incredible neighborhood who have help us the last 20 years with my wife's MS. Is it improper or against policy to mention it? Finances will force our move so someone with $$ can have "handicapped heaven" in RI near the University of RI.
  • Avatar
    Wish you lived in my area.  Sounds like a wonderful neighborhood.  I don't think that "handicapped" is offensive.  But be sure to list all the accessible features when you sell it because it will be really helpful to sell the home that way.  Someone will be fortunate to get it.  There are a lot of disabled people these days and it will be really helpful to someone. 

    Good luck. 
  • Avatar
    This post on marketing our home for an MS/handicapped person is really impressive like shared for social connection video as well. Thanks Paul for the amazing post here, keep me posted with more.
  • Nelly77
    In your listing, don't say "handicapped." That's an outdated term, and offensive to some. Instead, use the term "disabled."