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  • Bella26
    Today is my sons 13th birthday. I got up to make his cake; the directions were a "little" confusing, keep in mind this is a box cake. Something that should have taken me 5 minutes took like 25; instead of adding 1 cup of water, I added 1/3.  I caught the mistake in time...Next, I went to put my contacts in. I was rubbing my finger in the right contact carrier and could not find the contact. I panicked thinking I must of put them both in the left side of the carrier last night. I opened the left side rubbing my fingers in that container, mean while I was frantickly searching with my eyes wide open. Then I stopped realized I could already see, looked in the mirror for a moment....I already had them in my eyes!!:)haha!
  • mags4050
    oh so appreciate  your post   I try so hard to be on top of it and  I laugh when not.  I have an 11 and 13 year old and I am trying to teach them to laugh at me.  But for now I am the embarrassing mom   so be it .  they will get over it one one when they push me in the wheel chair.
  • 50eric
    That kind of thing happens to me all the time! It is great to be able to laugh about it.
  • Cordelia
    I am so thankful to see your post Bella! I also get confused but my confusion is driving and breaking (seeing red as STOP) so far I've caught myself before I hit someone...My husband was in the car with me yesterday and he said "you can't drive"...I said I know that and that is why I've said my driving scares me.... :)
  • Bella26
    I have the same problems with driving. 3 years ago my family moved closer to my parents in a rural community; which has been a blessing. When my husband cant take me to appointments, they do.In addition to having  problems with my vision, I'm also so confused all the time. My husband hates having me in the vehicle with him....I've turned into one of those persons who are hanging onto the dash board and gripping the seat with white knuckles. I didn't even mention how I'm so afraid were going to hit every thing we drive past or next to...If only he could see through my eyes and experience my confusion. Im glad you could identify the humor of our world ...I gotta laugh at the little things; my husband thinks Im just an airhead and thinks it's cute when I dont understand simple things. What he doesnt get, is that, I really don't get it??? At least I have all of you, so we can laugh together at what we thought was craziness but has become our reality:)
  • evestarr1
    Hi bella26! I know this is an older post now but I just had to respond! I thought I was the only one doing the "white-knuckle-passenger" thing! My husband does almost all the driving now, and I have to bring knitting or something to do with my hands so that I'm not looking at surrounding traffic. It's an unreasonable, disproportionate kind of panic that is not at all like me. I laugh about all of the everyday oddities whenever I can. Dropping stuff a dozen times a day, forgetting why I walked into a room or called someone, all is grist for the mill we call MS! (Wow. Even my metaphors are pathetic!)
  • Bella26
    Thanks! I feel the same; my boys are now 13 and 15, we laugh a lot at the stuff I try to pull...or the weird sentences I say. It's funny stuff! On the other hand they're great kids, last friday I absolutely needed to nap. On fridays my son stays at school to lift weights, which means I have to pick him up. I texted him to ask if he could please skip that day so I could rest. He texted back "just for you mom". When I woke up 3 hours later, my house was full of kids, all being quiet...I never knew they were there! It's nice to have conciderate kids; but also can see how funny my brain works. As an artist I would say  my brain was like a Michaelangelo piece of work, but now resembles Picaso's...haha! Hows that for a piece of work?
  • bubbleheadter

    yup!  I so get it...reminds me of the time when I was putting on my shoes.  Spent close to ten mins. and all but had a complete melt down trying to find where I friggen put the other sock.  Finally gave up up and got another one from the drawer.  That eve when I took my shoes off I finally found the missing sock when I discovered I had two socks on my right foot and only one of the Left!  Got laugh at these times, otherwise, we really would go nuts!

     ha!  hang in there everyone.  Humor heals the soul! 

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