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  • bristolnicole
    Hi there, my name is Bristol Monson and my mother has MS. I am currently running in my city scholarship pageant (Miss Draper) that goes through the Miss America program.In these pageants we get to choose "a platform" which is a charity, problem, or other organization we feel strongly about to help raise awareness in our communities and our state. My platform that i have chosen is raising awareness and support for MS.  I would like to ask how, and if i can start community fundraisers, food drives etc in my city and state. Becoming an advocate and Face for the MS society would be a dream come true! One of your biggest supporters (Harmons) which is right down the street from me raises awareness, donates to the National MS Society, and sponsors The MS Bike ride is a huge inspiration and i'd like to help them out! There are lots more questions and ideas that i would love to share! If you could give me a reply back i'd appreciate it!- Bristol
  • maria1
    My suggestion is to contact the National MS Society. And perhaps one of the MS Navigators who drop in to this site from time to time, can set you in the right direction. Best wishes maria
  • MS Navigator Jess
    Hi Bristol!

    This is a great place to start: 
    Get Involved

    As well as here:
    DIY Fundraising

    Thank you so much for thinking of us!  And yes, as Maria said- don't hesitate to call us as well to discuss.  1 800 344 4867.

  • hbreese1
    We're are u located? My daughter does pageant's and she has MS. Would love to get involved if close enough to us

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