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  • hbreese1
    I am a mom of a 15 year old young lady that has MS. We are interested in finding support groups or talks that are around our area. We are willing to travel to get all the info we can to help us learn more about this diease. My daughter is a national dancer and she continues to dance with her systems. Any information will be greatful.May god bless all his special children
  • MS Navigator Jess
    Hi hbreese1,

    I am glad that you contacted us for information and support.  The National MS Society offers a nationwide program for children and teens with MS and their families.  The program provides a variety of resources including opportunities for educational programs in helping children/teens and their family better understand pediatric MS and the different environments that may be impacted, as well as opportunities to connect directly with other families and children/teens with MS.
    Available Resources:
    The ‘Pediatric MS’ section of our website provides information about prevalence, diagnosis and treatments for pediatric MS.  
    Pediatric MS : National MS Society
    The Pediatric MS Support Network section of our website includes information on the Pediatric MS Online Group for Parents and our Teens with MS Facebook group. 
    Pediatric MS Support : National MS Society
    This link provides information on our Pediatric MS Centers throughout the nation.
    Network of Pediatric MS Centers : National MS Society
    Handouts and Booklets:
      An informational handbook containing a wide range of information pertaining to pediatric MS. The handbook was written by specialists in childhood MS.
      This guidebook provides parents with the tools and resources to be their child's best advocate in the school system. The guide includes a discussion on the potential impact of MS in the school setting, recommended accommodations and modifications, transition issues, and sample 504 plans and request for academic accommodations.
      An informational guide for school staff working with children and teens with MS. The handbook includes a discussion on the issues children and teens with MS may face, recommended accommodations and modifications in the school setting, transition issues, as well as basic information on MS.
      Every person has a right to strive for his or her education goals despite having a disability. This brochure explains the differences in rights and responsibilities both for students and the schools they attend.
    Hard copies of the above publications are available by request by phone or email.
  • hbreese1
    Thank you so much with that information?!!