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  • ssmitty2015
    My name is Sam Smith and I am a 21 year old Health Sciences student at The Ohio State University.  This past weekend I participated in Buckeye Breakaway.  Buckeye Breakaway was a ride for MS for a total of 150 miles.  I rode my hardest and best for the individuals, families, and communities that have been impacted by MS.  My team captain, Rodger Patterson, has been directly impacted my MS with the passing of his wife about twelve years ago.  This past weekend was hard but gave me a feeling of accomplishment.  I am here today to ask you for your help, I have a goal to raise $300 for MS but I want to raise so much more.  I am only $170 away from my initial goal.  I rode for those who can't, if you donate those families would be forever grateful.

  • maria1
    We here, are those who are grateful. Last year my prescriptions totaled more than $70,ooo. and the co-pay took all my social security, so for all those who have contributed their time and energy i am grateful and thankful, it has all helped to make my life better.