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  • kev27
    1am 55 year old male . Here's my story , I have always been active into sport and the outdoor life , golf being one of my passions having played since I was 11 years old . Last October while out golfing I was lining up a putt when I try ed to get up I couldn't almost fell over eventually did get up and carried on playing but got very tired after that , considering myself fit I found this strange . About a month later two fingers on my left hand went numb feeling hasn't returned fully . I also noticed my walking getting worse it came to ahead suddenly one day when I could barely walk at all. Next day I was sent to hospital were I spent 4 days neurologist said it wasn't ms but couldn't tell me what it was . Had Mri scans . After a few more days I got a little better were I could walk a max of  5-600 yards  its stayed that way since . I've also had another Realy bad time were I could barely walk this lasted maybe 10 days , I've also been to hospital again for more scans again nothing showed up . My own doctor who is a good friend of mine says he really things it's progressive ms . I also get blurred vision every now and again , my left leg is worse than my right the pain seems over time to have moved from bottom to top of the legs . Sometimes I think I'm going crazy not knowing,  any response would be Realy appreciated , Kevin 
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    Sounds like you could have MS so I would suggest to your doctor that you get a spinal tap cause that is another way MS can be determined.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi Kevin, MS can be a very difficult disease to diagnose as many other conditions and illnesses can present with similar symptoms. A big part of diagnosing MS is ruling out other conditions that could be causing your symptoms.  If your current doctor is not able to determine what is causing your symptoms, it may be best to seek a second opinion.  An MRI alone cannot always determine a diagnosis of MS, they may need to look into some of the other diagnostic tools suggested as well.  I have provided below a few links to information that can help educate you about MS and the diagnostic process: 
    Possible MS:

    Other Conditions to Rule out:

    Diagnosing MS:

    I hope you find answers soon! 
    MS Navigator Ashley 
  • capitolcarol
    Hi kev27,

    You should get a second opinion from another neurologist.  It is difficult to diagnose MS, but the more knowledge and information you get the better.  Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing?
  • kev27
    Thanks all I appreciate the replys , I'm actually going on holiday today for a week to a sunny climate I live in Ireland so anywhere is sunny compared to here , so from what I've read heat could be a problem either way I just needed to get away .