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  • rosanecastro

    I fell in love with nutritional healing when I had my first child in 1996.  When I was diagnosed with MS in 2009, even though I was scared and chose at first Copaxone, I made a decision to give my body a chance to find its way to healing through nutrition.  After ordering all the books on about MS, I came across a book the MS diet.  I started the diet on my own.  Within a month I read the book "Healing MS".  I was treated by Ann Boroch.  She taught me how to detox my body.  She taught me how to nurture my body with foods and supplements.    Within the first month I had lost a lot of the excessive weight I was carrying.  I did very well.  My medical records stated: " Symptoms are dormant".  Since then, I've relocated from CA to TX.  I have experienced many symptoms anywhere from fatigue to optical neuritis.  They come and they go.  I am still a believer of nutritional healing.  Keeping the body as aciditc as possible through diet, improving the quality of your life through stress management and maintaining a positive outlook is essential for the management of MS.  MS does not control me; I control MS.  Terry Wahls is our biggest testimony of nutritional healing.  Look for the healing for yourself and you will find it.  Read, study.  Find a hollistic doctor.  If you cannot afford organic, eat your vegetables and fruits that you can (Live Enzymes book Experience it for yourself.  MS is the beginning of a new chapter for you.  It's the dawn of a new day in your life.  

  • refusetoquit

    Couldn't have said it any better............I've done it all.........I keep learning how to balance movement, when the body need's a push and when it need's rest but couldn't be happier with how my mind can manage,.....had ALL ms symptom's but now normal or manageable. Ketogenic  diet with time should be even more possitive........... 

    Like you said,..........Keeping the body as aciditc as possible through diet, .....I need to 'pick your brain'. lol

  • refusetoquit

    My concern now,  is being on an ms drug, is it in the way of further cell growth, as stated by the Doctor's input in stem cell,discussion..........he say's,..............

     There is also concern that some disease-modifying therapies may interfere with the ability of these cells to migrate or to repair damage. For example, Tysabri, one of the approved medications, works by blocking immune cells migrating into the nervous system and we think it may do the same to these stem cells.

    Your thought's?