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  • dsyoji
    I would love to get more info on the phase 3 clinical trial. I have tried to get in at the Cleveland Clinic for their trials but I am currently on the second half of infusions with Tysabri and you can't be on it for their trials. Tysabri has worked wonders for me unfortunately I only have about 12 more infusions left 😞
  • sunnykroberts2010

    I have MS and I believe in stem cell research as long as it is not embro research.  I believe that when a egg and a sperm meet it is a child and don't believe we should create life in a dish to make myself or anyone else, with MS better.  Any other kind of cures are fine but not to kill a life to make mine better.

  • Dlsd12

    How can I get in to be a test subject?