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  • MS_Navigators

    Caring for someone with a chronic illness like MS can be deeply satisfying. Partners, family, and friends can be drawn more closely together when they meet the challenges, but caregiving can also be emotionally challenging, especially for the person who is the primary caregiver. How do you maintain emotional wellness? How do you support your carepartner's emotional wellness? What challenges do you run into?

  • maria1

    My caregiver/partner has always been the serious one in the relationship. And now that he is advanced in years, is becoming the one in need of care. I have for years played a free association rhyming with plenty that is murmmured (sp?) from his lips. And finally he has learned and laughs and giggles as he rhymes. He comes up with some funny stuff and looks to pat himself on the back.

    He also comments that I was always the crazy one in the family and look what he has turned into. What is remarkable is he is physically and mentally breaking down and is less anxious about the memory and physical losses. He has learned how to laugh and to make himself and me laugh with him. We are having fun in his old age.

    The biggest challenge is that we both forget everything so less gets done and we both dont know where anything is. But now we both say, we cant wait to see where that thing is that we needed for we forget what is, and when we find it we will forget what we wanted it for.

  • maria1

    after we raked some leaves he said: The leaves that are left are the ones that have not fallen, perhaps it is better to have no leaves at all.

  • maria1

    We just made it through the doorway when there was a burst of lightning, clap of thunder and downpour. My senile old partner said giggling all the while, "just in time you piece of slime, but you're mine, you're fine." He loves doing that and I love that he is happy.

  • oldhippie

    I sometimes forget how much my wife of 16 years and my doughter of 14 years do for me everyday, thay look out for me in ways I am not even awhere of, they ask me how I am doing today.

    And all I can say "God Bless them for being them" I would be lost with out them.

  • anaconcepcion
    My daughter, the youngest, my best medicine because she loves me, cares for me, cares to learn how to handle my case of MS, it gives me peace. I never ask God why me, on the contrary, gave thanks for being me and not one of the people I love most, my family.