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    Living life with MS is better with support from friends, family, neighbors and healthcare professionals. This month, in honor of National Family Caregivers Month, we invite you to join us for a conversation honoring MS carepartners. Tell us what you value most from your carepartner. And if you’re a carepartner, what advice can you share with people who may be new to the role of a carepartner?
  • jennifer_m
    Gosh, what the heck should I say about the man who is not only my carepartner, but my eternal partner?  He himself has been in the hospital for his chronic illnesses (epilepsy and Crohn's) more times than I can remember but yet he always looks on the sunny side even when his energy is rock-bottom.  I've only been diagnosed with RRMS since December of last year, but my hubby has proven his mettle so many times in: doing up dinner when I haven't the strength, coming with me to appointments, holding me close when I've had a rough day and need a good cry.  Our friends have always complimented me on my strength through his trials, but now he has the chance to show how strong he is and give me a break once in a while.
    To caregivers: let others help you. Don't be a martyr and think it's all on you; it isn't! Also let yourself have some alone time. If your energy and morale burn out, how can you help anyone?
    To those being cared for: voice gratitude. Let those helping you know how much you appreciate them. Don't be proud! You aren't weak if you ask for help.
    I would not trade my imperfect mate for any perfectly healthy man in this world or any other. Cheers to him and all those that care for the citizens of Planet M.S.
  • maria1
    I have been thinking about the question, and there is no one thing to have more value. I am grateful my partner is still able to do the things I can not, like drive and handle money, do the shopping. And maybe now that I have put those things into words, the answer is, PLAY. My partner now, this year, has been able to smart mouth me back, not insults, but wise cracks that are funny. I dont remember the discussion, just the answer, "You can leave now", like he was dismissing me, he burst out laughing cause it had nothing to do with the conversation and he was sorta shocked with what came out of his mouth. That was a good one, you had to be there. He was out for the day and asked, 'What are you going to do today?', "Whatever I want!"  If you know of Gracie Allen you might understand, her mind translated conversations into a totally logical different path. So now he is on par with me, and we both wait to hear what comes out of our mouths so we can laugh, much better than being able to pay the bills though necessary.
  • pluigs88772833
    Like most if us dealing with this MonSter, our gratitude can't be expressed enough to the people God has blessed us with as our sidekicks (carepartners ). My husband has so much patience, strength, compassion, and tolerance in dealing with me every second, minute, hour of every day. There are so many times I wish I could repay him for all he does. But I know his reward awaits him in Heaven.
  • mariegrubb
    I don't know what I would do without my husband, in fact my entire family has been a tremendous help to me since being diagnosed. I knew I loved my husband when I met him, he's several years younger than me and stepped up to being an incredible stepfather to my two girls. I am greatful they get to see his example of how a husband should treat his wife. MS is an awful thing to get diagnosed with but it has given me a new, stronger appreciation of the wonderful people in my life.
  • Kim

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  • Monica15
    My husband Jesse is my rock... my safe place, and my reason for still fighting the fight. He's the most amazing man I've ever met... to have gone from where we started as newlyweds with hopes dreams to where we are now as an "old married couple" (we'll be celebrating our 10th anniversary on Christmas Day) just blows my mind. I have PPMS and am mostly bedbound, but I'm never a burden to him. Somehow he still sees that 26 year old he fell in love with... I'm in the hospital almost monthly and have gotten to know most of the nurses pretty well, they just laugh at us because we're constantly picking on each other. In this kind of situation you need that. Laughter is of utmost importance! So if you're ever having a bad day. Make your self a funny face pancake (like at IHOP) and put in a good comedy!